Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Friday morning- I was driving to Starbucks to begin my quiet time when I said to the Lord-

"This morning- I'm not asking for confirmation from You- because I know you have already given it to me. But what I AM asking for, Lord- is a Word to hold on to today. In my quiet time- please just give me something to hold on to today."

Here is what followed...

I'd started reading in Daniel the day before- so turned back to Daniel that morning. I'd been reading where rack, shack, and abednego had said to the king- "We know that our God can save us- but EVEN IF HE DOESN'T- we will not bow down to you."

I love the faith that was produced in their lives because of these turn of events.....Well. I kept reading and after they'd been thrown into the fire- King Neb said to the officials around (dan 3:25) "Look- I see for men walking in the fire- unbound and unharmed."

The word UNBOUND. This word stuck out to me.

Prior to having made the decision to be thrown into the fire- they were bound up. The king had ordered them to be tied up.

They held fast to what they knew of their God- and chose to 'walk through the fire'- LITERALLY....and this is where they found freedom. The ties were loosed- they were walking around in the fire- unbound.

The Lord just gently said to me "There is freedom in obedience. In the fire- you can experience more freedom than when outside of the fire. If you chose to obey- and walk through this situation- chains will come off and you will experience freedom."

I may not know answers- I may not know the end results- But I know my God is faithful....and I know that He still speaks.

I will obey.


  1. good word Miss Minda! thanks for sharing :)

    1. rereading through old blog posts and comments this morning. Thanks for being a reader, Sarah! :-)


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