Monday, May 24, 2010

In every season

This morning I was sitting at Starbucks journaling about my SUPER full weekend.  Weddings, wedding showers, engagements, wedding invitations (I'm making all of my Lisa's invitations)....and basically- all things weddings.  As I was journaling about the weekend- I overheard 2 men talking next to me.  They were talking quietly when the older man says with such passion and a slightly raised voice "No!!! You promised to love and cherish her- now get back there and do JUST THAT!"

I was taken aback for a moment.  First of all- I was thinking "WOW!  That man is SO lucky to have someone in his life that will tell it like it is...."....and my 2nd thought was "WOW!  That man is a brave friend.....He's not afraid of speaking the truth....and speaking it in love!"  What I overheard- was not spoken in anger- but in so much passion and care that it made my heart overwhelmed. 

I was reading in Mark this morning about the fig tree that Jesus approached that had no figs because it was not the 'season' for figs.  Jesus said to the fig tree "'May no one ever eat fruit from you again!"

I was so convicted this morning reading that….We MUST be prepared in and out of season.  We cannot offer up the excuse "oooh I just need a season for myself."….or "ohhh- it's just a super busy season for me"……we MUST be ready in and out of season.  There is no excuse.  Good, bad, dry, or busy!  Are you producing fruit?  And are you offering that fruit to those who are hungry?

That man at Starbucks was producing fruit…and it was evident.

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  1. Perhaps my favorite post yet! Well said, dear, dear friend!


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