Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do you really believe?

It is Saturday morning and I'm in Waco...

My sweet friend and old roommate, Leah, is getting married today!

I'd not been able to meet Mark, her fiance, until last night....and I must say. He is the cream. of. the. crop.


At the rehearsal dinner- there was a time for people to go around and share stories/memories/encouragement to the couple.

Guy, after guy, after guy, after family member, after family member stood up and shared stories of Mark's integrity, his character....his love for the Lord. are marrying a good man. WOW!

And Mark is one lucky guy. The laughter....the excitement....the joy you bring to life.....He is in for a TREAT!!! :-)

As I was driving to Waco yesterday I was listening to talk radio and heard something that triggered something in my heart. The guy talking was hosting an interview- and he asked the couple on the show...."Do you REALLLLLY believe that?"

(i don't really even know what they were talking about but go with me for a second.)

In my heart- I heard the Lord ask....."Minda. Do you REALLLLY believe that I raised Jesus from the dead?"

I was like 'Ummmmm. welllll. YES!"

Then all I heard was this: "Minda....if I can do something as insane/crazy/amazing/impossible as raise Jesus from the dead....if you REALLY think I did that....then why don't you believe that I will bring the right man into your that will be crazy about you?"


Touche, God, touche.

See, I may or may not have gotten to the point where I just don't pray for that anymore. I don't pray for him to come (whoever 'he' may be)....I have felt for a while that if I DO get married that it will be one of those "well- i'm 40- you're 40- we're not married- lets just get married' type of situations. That he wouldn't be crazy about me....that he wouldn't be crazy in love with me and who I am...

It's not that I'd given up hope, per say....but that I just didn't think I was being reasonable anymore by wanting those things.

cynical? Yes. Are you wanting to bash through your computer screen right now and scream at me and say "Minda! You're believing lies?!??!"

Yeah, I know.

But after my drive yesterday....

I'm challenged.

If my God can conquer death...hell....the grave....and can bring to life a man that was beaten, scorned, and crucified for my sins....because HE loves me that much....

I will believe that He can bring a man into my life that will be crazy about me :-)

What are you needing to believe in? If you believe God REALLLLLLY raised Jesus from the dead- what do you need to reevaluate in your own life and believe Him for?

Happy Saturday, friends.

"now to Him who is able to do more than we can ask or imagine....."


  1. believe truth girl! it will be worth the wait :)

  2. hey friend! i was hit with the same thing this past weekend, as i took part in the wedding festivities of an amazing friend. thanks for sharing!


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