Monday, August 23, 2010

Austin, TX

This past weekend I headed to Austin to attend a going-away party for my sweet friend and college roommate- Leticia.  She's lived in Austin for the past 6 years and is headed to NYC for seminary!!  I'm so excited for this new season of her life and all that the Lord has done in and through her over the past 8 years. My life has been immensely blessed by knowing her.

I knew the weekend in Austin would be an interesting one…I was carpooling down and then turning over my keys to my friend Aaron who would be using my car to get around for the weekend.  I was prepared for some down time- but was not prepared for all that would happen while there.

On Friday night- we pulled into Austin and I was dropped off at the going away party.  So many people were there to celebrate Leticia.  It was so evident that she has impacted the lives of MANY people in Austin Texas!  That evening- after the party wrapped up- we headed to Mandy's house.  Mandy was an amazing and gracious host!  She and her husband just recently bought a house and it allowed me the opportunity to stay in Austin for FREEEE……and not only that- but with much better accommodations than any hotel could have offered.  Seriously. That first night- I crawled into bed and was giddy with how amazingly comfortable that bed was!!! Sheeesh! They sleep WELL in that house!

The next morning, Leticia, Mandy, Camille, and I all got up and headed for breakfast at Kerbey Lane…One of Leticia's favorite breakfast spots. We enjoyed coffee, pancakes, tacos, and queso (yes! all for breakfast) and had sweet conversation.

I have to say. One of my favorite things about being a girl is the way we connect.  Girls can go have coffee and sit and talk for hours upon hours.  Literally. I didn't know Mandy or Camille before this weekend.  And yet we sat at breakfast with our friend Leticia and had amazing conversation.

After breakfast/brunch- Leticia and I headed into downtown where she dropped me off to wander around while she met up with some other friends to say goodbye to them.  I made plans to see my friend Keegan that afternoon and after realizing I didn't really want to wander around- I made my way over to Starbucks (surprise) and sat down with my journal and pen.  I didn't really even have much to write at this point. I think I just sat for an hour just staring at a blank page.

One of the reason's I'd been looking forward for this trip was specifically that reason. I knew I was going to have some down time and I really wanted that time to disconnect.  I had no one with me for several periods of time- and no car- and it was too hot to walk around- so I just sat.  I feel as though I was able to make sense of some things that I've been working through and it is amazing the clarity that we receive when we disconnect.

At 4pm- I walked over to my friend Keegan's apt & thus begins the best evening I could have hoped for!

First of all.  Keegan is one of my most favorite people.  EVER. He makes me laugh more than anyone probably ever has and is the best story teller.

I met up with him over at his place and we went poolside for the next 1 ½ hours.  He moved to Austin last year (used to be in Dallas) and so the catch up time was awesome. We had lots to chat about and the pool was probably the most relaxing time I could have asked for.

Keegan invited me to have dinner with him and some friends and I gladly accepted..(remember- I had no car with me and was just kinda flyin by the seat of my pants for the weekend.) We went back upstairs to get ready for dinner when there was a change of plans. Keegan informed me that instead of dinner- some people he works with would be going to the Texas Roller Derby Playoffs….

Let me first say- I had NO IDEA what Roller Derby was. But. I was in for a HUGE shock.

If you don't know what it is- google it.  And then imagine me- with a bunch of dudes.  And a wild turkey roaming the building.  And men with crazy long beards.  And pillow fights. And fishnet tights.

A good night of fun and laughter, for SURE.

After the roller derby- we all walked over to eat dinner and meet up with more friends.

Keegan dropped me off with my friend Leticia later that evening and we headed back to Mandy's place. Sunday morning was spent in a coffee shop reading/journaling….then walking around for a little bit again in downtown before sitting again at a coffee shop for another hour or two.

Sandi (another Austin friend formally of Dallas) and her fianc√© Kyler met up with me around 1pm. I wasn't sure if Sandi and I were going to be able to meet up since our schedules were a bit off- but we did! And that was a delightful treat!!!  Kyler and Sandi made lunch for me and it was so great to catch up with both of them.  Sandi- I'm so excited for you and Kyler and I loved the way you two are together.  You are a great match and I'm so excited for you in this season! You are living life well and you are such an encouragement to me!!! Thanks again so much for giving up part of your day to spend it with me!!!

My chauffeurs arrived to pick me up around 3pm and we headed back home to Dallas.  Aaron and Scott….you two sure do know how to make a 3 ½ hour long drive memorable AND enjoyable!!! Let's hang out again soon. I think I've figured you two out and I can join in on the craziness that is what you two call conversation. ;-) I think I've got it down now!

Even when I got home from Austin- my mind felt so much more at peace.  There had been so much going on in my heart/mind for the past 2 weeks that I finally feel as though I was able to make sense of so much. I was grateful to come home to a roommate that was excited to hear my stories and listen to what all the Lord is doing.  Thanks, Hailey for being my roommate….I love coming home to you and sharing life with you….


And with that…..Keep Austin weird.


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