Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be You.

I LOVE meeting new people.


It kind of gives me a high.

….ok, so I honestly shouldn't write that- cause I have no clue what a 'high' feels like…..but seriously…Something just happens in my heart when I meet and connect with new people.

Asking questions is one of my favorite things. I initiate conversation well.   I know a lot of the 'right' questions to get people talking….and honestly- let's face it. People love to talk about themselves, so if I ask questions about themselves- they'll talk, right?

Most often- if I meet someone for the first time- I'll have to cut in on myself at some point and say "I'm sorry! I'm not playing '20 Questions' with you or anything….just trying to get to know you!"-because I will have asked so many questions and that could be overwhelming.

And most often- the response I get is "No! It's totally ok! I love it!"

One of my favorite things is meeting someone and asking questions and after hearing their response- being able to say "Me too!....oh my gosh…me too!!! No way! Same for me!!!"

Have you ever had one of those moments?  You just connect with that person. You could talk for hours upon hours with that person and feel like you've shared the same life experience.

I love connecting with people.

But do you ever feel like there are certain areas of your life in which you feel NO ONE connects with you?  No one gets it? That there is a particular chapter(s) of your life that no one shares? 

Sure, those are the things that make us unique and individuals- but sometimes it would be nice to hear that someone is walking the same road you are walking. That they get it. Cause they are typically the most personal/vulnerable areas of our life.

I had one of those moments this morning. I wish someone could share this season with me. And know exactly how I'm feeling. What I'm thinking. Why I'm thinking the way I'm thinking.


I'm learning to appreciate those things about me that NOONE else can relate to.  Those are the things that make Minda "MINDAAAA!!!!!"

Far too often than not, I tend to see those things about myself (they can be great things!) and think negatively about them…..because they make me feel so different. So unlike anyone I know. So different.

Trying to embrace my differences, today….and just be me.



  1. So enjoyed stopping by for a blog rest! You are very inspirational. Remindeed me that with God we are never really alone and there is always someone who gets us. I know sometimes I want someone in flesh to get me too! Hold on - those days are coming. You are unique and gifted and special. Not everyone will understand. There are still secrets to be revealed from deep within. Not everyone will see. But he sess and understands and knows! You just keep right on behing the wonderful inquisitive people-high person you are! It's beautiful. Jan G

  2. I definitely understand what it feels like to know no one understands and even if you try and try to let them see it that know ones does. It is the most lonely I have ever been. But God, well, He does understand. What a blessing!

    And - I have an awesome friend that I can't imagine life without right now and she and I see life differently in a lot of ways (that is not outside of loving Jesus). I seriously thought we wouldn't be friends. But we both have grown the most b/c of our differences - it has been one of the richest friendships I have ever had! Just a thought...


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