Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fall schmall

Every year I feel the need to wait until the cooler weather has hit before I pull out all of my fall decorations. Typically, this ends up happening, and then a week later it's time to put them away and replace them with my Christmas decorations.

Not this year, my friends! The apple cider candles are out....The autumn leaves candles are out....The pumpkins have been chosen and placed, the fall leaves are strung, the fall centerpiece is ready to be put together....My special fall baking pans are out and waiting to have pumpkin bread baked in them....

My decorations WILL get used this year :-)

I typically buy all of my seasonal decorations after the season is over....I get them on clearance for like 70%off or more....Then I bring them home and wrap them up and put them into storage. Sad, right? But no! It's awesome when the season comes around the next year and I've forgotton what i'd purchased....So it's like unwrapping presents! :-)

So this year....The fall decor is out and will be waiting on the cold weather to hit :-)


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  1. I heard that it is coming soon! I don't have my fall decorations up, but I have brought out the fall cooking.


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