Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hope...1 1/2 years later.

A year and a half ago- I wrote a blog post titled "Hope."

That blog post was brought to memory this morning when the Lord quickly reminded me (again) that my hope had been misplaced.

In the past month or two- I have been quite disappointed.  By people…by situations…. And this morning as I was 'lamenting' that loss of friendship/trust/fuzzy feeling- or whatever the heck you want to call it- I was reminded of the blog post I wrote.

This morning- I was journaling and pretty much just beating myself up.  How could I so easily put hope in people other than Jesus?!?!

Here I was, again, disappointed… frustrated….

And HATING the fact that I was disappointed and frustrated.

I put my journal away…continued reading in Isaiah where I've been for the past week- and found the morning verse that I would send out.

I typed it up and sent it- but yet felt inclined to keep reading.

As I finished up the chapter I was in- I honestly felt like the Lord said to me: I'm giving you your OWN personal verse of the day. Here it is:

And as I finished up that chapter- I read- "Those who hope IN ME will NOT be disappointed." Isaiah 49:23b

He is OOOOH- so-aware of my heart.  And how I feel.  And what I'm thinking.  And what I'm walking through. He knows.

He is good.



  1. This is sooo good Minda!! Thanks for sharing ur heart!

  2. This encourages me too, Minda, in a very deep way. Thank you.

  3. YES!! Love that verse!! Thanks for those words and for stopping by my little blog. Hooray for Pioneer Women recipes. I hope your Wednesday is lovely.

  4. I remember that blog post :) It helped me out in my season of deferred hope :) Love you


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