Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Girl

Well….it's official. I'm crazy.  And I'm admitting it.

I went to bed last night in a bad mood- and basically woke up this morning not even realizing I'd fallen asleep. ….aka…I woke up in my clothes that I'd worn yesterday. I'd sprawled out on my bed in a pout last night and evidently fell asleep.

So I woke up to find 6 text messages on my phone and 2 missed calls.  So if you were one of those- sorry about that!

I woke up- got ready for work and headed out the door at 6:40am….

I arrived at Starbucks- got my drink- and settled in for some quiet time and started journaling.

As I was journaling and telling God why I was in a bad mood…(as if He needed me to explain)….I wrote in frustration…. "so! What do you think about THAT, God?...hmmm?"…..I kid you not….I'd not even finished putting the question mark at the end of that sentence when I heard this come through the speakers overhead…

"I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?

My girl, my girl, my girl
Talkin' 'bout my girl
My girl"


And here comes the  "minda is crazy" part.  My eyes filled up with tears! Boooo. Why am I at Starbucks crying over hearing the song  "my girl" ????

Because that's what I needed to hear.  The Lord just said "Minda…you're my girl.  And I love talking about you…and talking WITH you."

So often if I'm frustrated with the Lord (and believe me. This happens more often than you'd think!) I will sometimes spout off- "You already know what I'm thinking so there's no point in even telling you!"

But there IS a point.  He wants to talk with me.  And if I don't open up conversation- I'll miss an opportunity to hear His voice.  So- if you're upset with Him….tell him.  If you're in a pouty mood…tell Him. He just might surprise you and tell you something you need to hear. :-)


He is good.

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