Saturday, September 11, 2010

Special Day!

In March of 2007- I met someone who would become one of my best friends.

When I met Amy- she was pregnant with her first baby, Robby, and during that pregnancy- I watched that girl put down so many footlong cheese coney's from sonic that I just knew her baby would come out craving a hot dog with chili and cheese!

Amy and I have shared gallons....and I really do mean that- GALLONS upon gallons of sonic beverages...(tea for her- diet dr pepper for me) as we would spend our lunch breaks together, pretty much every day.

Not only did we share sonic drinks- but we shared life. She took me for lunch my first week at the new job- filled me in on what I would need to know- and thus it began. Amy was a much needed friend in a transitional time in my life. I don't trust people very easily- but for some reason- I knew she was someone I could trust and we shared more than 'work life.' We became really great friends even outside of work.

I was at the hospital when Amy delivered Robby....I was (i think) his first babysitter...Amy taught me the ropes of fantasy football... I was at Robby's first birthday party...I was at his baby dedication...When it was time to put up Christmas decorations at her house- I came over and we had hot chocolate and watched Elf....

The point of all that is to say- we shared life together.

Birthday's were a BIG deal to us! :-) Decorating offices...chick-fil-a breakfast...cupcakes....On The Border....(this year- even though she wasn't working anymore- Amy still came to the office and made it THE BEST DAY EVER!!!....and this year- I totally stunk on celebrating her!!! ah!!! i'm such a terrible person.....better late than never, though, right???;-) yeah. she's amazing, people.)

Amy was the one I could go to for advice about all kinds of stuff! I'm sure the girl got tired of all my drama- but I knew that no matter what- busy or not busy- I could go in- prop my feet up on her desk in her office- and tell her what was going on. Crying on the floor of her office? Yeah, I'd done that too! I also knew that I could call Amy at any time and it would be ok. Thankfully, her husband, Bryan, is also amazing and didn't mind his wife getting phone calls from me at who knows what time of day. :-)

Amy eventually went part-time at work and that nearly KILLED Me!!! :-) I always looked forward to the days she would be in the office!!! But...I guess it was good because that also eventually transitioned into her leaving work to stay at home for good. And it made the transition a little bit easier for me. I was so proud of her decision to be at home and proud of her for what she was doing- but can't deny that I was SOOOOO bummed.....Who in the heck was I going to share Sonic drinks with? Who would I do lunch with? I'm not kidding you all when I say we did lunch every. freaking. day. It was awesome.

When it was time for baby #2 to be born- I was ecstatic- and even more so that it would be a little girl!!! I didn't get to make it to the hospital- but I did celebrate her 1 week- 2- week- and 3 week birthdays with her :-)

And today! I got to celebrate her 1 year birthday and her baby dedication!

Robby and Juliet are the closest I have to a niece and nephew- so I'm claiming to be their aunt :-) But here are some pictures from Juliet's birthday!!!

Amy, I am so proud of you and your family! You are one of my most favorite people and I am so thankful I can call you friend. You've helped keep me sane- You've allowed me to love on your babies- You've let me come to your house and spend all day and practically all night when I needed a place to get away.....You have made my life better.

(and i miss daily lunch with you.)

So! Here's a picture of one of the sweetest baby girls I know :-)

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  1. So many responses, so little time. But, mostly just thank you so much for such a sweet gift. Way better than a big to-do on my bday :) And, yes, I know I still owe you a call!


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