Monday, September 27, 2010

"Welcome to Grace..."

8 years ago, this coming November, I walked into a church foyer and was greeted at the door by a gentleman that stuck his hand out to me and said "Are you Minda Corso?"

8 years ago I left home and headed to Arlington, TX to begin my college career at UTA and had been looking for a church. I moved into the dorms in August, had tried several churches, then connected with old family friends of my parents to see if they knew of a church. Donna Wright had told me about her church (I'd not seen Donna since I was 5 years old) and I decided I would try it out.

I came that Sunday and the first person I met upon arrival was Tim Wright. Donna had informed him that I would be coming and asked him to keep an eye out for me.

Tim DID in fact keep an eye out for me and greeted me.

This story is true for SO many people who walked through the doors of Grace Community Church in Arlington, TX. Tim was always out front waiting to meet whomever would walk through the door.

This past week, Tim went to be with the Lord after a year long battle with cancer. I just finished watching a memorial video created by my old college pastor and as I watched and listened, I couldn't help but cry. Tim was an amazing man of God and a bright light in any room. He had one of the most welcoming spirits I'd ever encountered. He was an example to so many people at Grace Community and lived his life in such a way that matched his words. He was the biggest romantic and there was no doubt that Tim was head over heels in love with his wife.

As I finished watching the video, I just couldn't help but smile through my tears knowing that heaven has just gained THE BEST door greeter heaven has ever seen.

I am so grateful for my 5 years at Grace Community Church and was reminded today how rich my life has been made because of the friendships I forged there at Grace. They know how to love people well and share life together.


  1. will miss Tim so much. thanks for the post

  2. Tim sounds like a wonderful man of God. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.


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