Monday, October 11, 2010


Have you ever found victory in an area of your life.....only to fall back into the same doubt/frustration/feeling again months later?

You may not have....but I'm in that place.

Last night I was thinking about something I'm walking through- and was going to post online in a blog about my frustration...and then I stopped myself because my first thought was "No! I can't share that. Because just 2 months ago I was telling a friend how the Lord had given me such peace in that area!...and if I share that- she'll think I was lying months ago."

Well, my blogger friends.

Here is me saying publicly: The Lord may have given me some great insight/perspective in an area of my life that allowed a huge victory....But it is a DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY thing.


It frustrates me to even type that.

I have to CONTINUALLY trust Him. I have to DAILY choose to trust Him. I have to DAILY choose to walk in victory.

FOR INSTANCE: ;-) The Rangers. YES! They may have won Game 1....and Game 2.....BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY STILL DON'T HAVE BATTLES AHEAD THEY NEED TO FIGHT! They lost game three and game four.

Does that mean that their victory in game one and two is null and void?


Not at all.

But it just means they better bring their A-Game cause their opponents are mad as hell and don't want to lose again!

In my own life- when the devil sees me gain new ground....gain victories....You better believe he's going to bring his A-Game and bring out his best pitchers, so to speak.

(man, i love analogies. :-) )

But seriously. I may have won games one and two- but I'm in games three and four right now and I feel as though I'm losing.

Anyone else feel that way these days?

Just sayin.

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  1. oh yeah - so this blog post was exactly how i am feeling and dealing with in my life too!


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