Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Post

Welllll Welllll Welllll. 

It's time for a picture blog post :-)

Let's start here....

This past weekend I got to see BETH MOORE......If you know me well at all- you know how big this is....Here is my friend, Christian, and I getting ready to sit and listen :-)

Speaking of Beth Moore....I picked up her book back in February, So Long, Insecurity.  IT IS AN AMAZING BOOK.  I've been re-reading it this week and loving it.  Along with my coffee, of course ;-)

AND.....a random picture. LUNCH! Yum.  I've been going to Sams and you can get these personal size pouches of edemame and i LOVE them. Yum.

This next picture is horrible quality- but it makes up for it BIG TIME in memory making quality. OH MY GOSH. A night with Jaclyn in Dallas that was MUCH needed. :-) Love this girl and I love that I have a long history of friendship with her. 

Every morning as I leave my apartment- I pull around to the gate which is straight east. I get to see a BEAUTIFUL sunrise each morning and this particular morning was one worth capturing. Ok, who are we kidding. I capture them ALL THE FREAKING time. I probably have 100 pics on my phone of the sunrises each morning :-)

Andddddd. Next picture up- my first pair of TOMS shoes :-)

I got a little crafty and made a wall decor piece for my room.  But have yet to hang it. Because I need help. There are 9 pieces and I need them to be straight and in line! So for now- they are sitting on my floor. :-) BUT FUN, right?!?!? I bought and spray painted frames, picked out paper, and made a little happy creative piece for my wall. Just call me crafty carla.

I'm in a wedding this weekend for my dear friend LAURA!!!! And here we are....the bride and the maids :-) of just the maids.  We pretty much threw the best bachelorette/lingerie party I've ever attended :-)

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  1. For you see, each day I love you more
    Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.


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