Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been reading in Numbers this week- and first of all- I have to say- I got a new bible on Tuesday!  I'd had my other bible for about 5 years and it was time for a new one! I'd had that one so marked up that I wasn't really able to see new revelation or new insight on a passage in which I'd already marked up.


In the book of Numbers and as I read in chapter 28 I noticed a phrase that kept popping up.  I made a mental note to go back to that phrase- but once I got to chapter 29- that phrase continued to show up!  In the 2 chapters- it was stated 11 times. 

The phrase being "aroma pleasing to the Lord"

So the Lord was giving Moses commands as to how the people were to offer up sacrifices and all the details that included. With each command- it would talk about the offering being presented to the Lord by fire and how the 'aroma' was pleasing to the Lord. 

After 11 times in 2 chapters- I was intrigued.  What is it about the smell that was so pleasing to the Lord?!?

A verse we are a bit more familiar with is in 2 Corinthians 2:15 in which it says "for we are to God the aroma of Christ- among those who are being saved and those who are being saved."

Now- obviously- the passages in Numbers are in the Old Testament in which burnt offerings still had to be presented....But once Jesus came and died on the cross for us as the ultimate sacrifice- we no longer had to sacrifice a lamb to atone for our sins. The one True Lamb came and covered all sins....past, present, and future.
(I know I'm missing a LOT of explanation here and just barely even skimming all that this entails)

But.  Was thinking about this.

When cooking food- once the HEAT is added- the smell beings to permeate the room.  It beings to circulate. 

When wearing perfume or cologne- if your body HEATS up- the smell becomes stronger and more noticeable. 

Heat brings about a fragrance that in Numbers we find was pleasing to the Lord. 

So now....if WE are to be that aroma of Christ.... we have the ability to release a fragrance that is most pleasing to Him.....

ESPECIALLY when heat is added.  So when walking through a fire- we have the opportunity to release a fragrance that is pleasing to Him....or not so much.

How do you smell today?

(even after having finished typing this up- I realize it might not make much sense and definitely is written by a 26 year old who has no bible school please forgive my ignorance/terrible writing.  Just really struck me as interesting this morning and felt I should share it here.)

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  1. This is very beautiful and you hit it on the nose.

    The Bible equates God's holiness, among other things, to heat, a fire unquenchable and all-consuming. This is the flame of God, smoking oven and flaming torch, that made a covenant with Himself while Abraham slept. This is the burning bush that called out Moses to God. This is the pillar of smoke and fire that lead the Israelites out of slavery and despair. This is the fire that would burn the bloody sacrifice that was a foreshadow of Christ upon that cross.

    Malachi, Isaiah and Jeremiah would define his fire is as one would refine silver and gold but even more so. We cannot totally remove all the impurities out of silver and gold and yet God's perfect and holy fire completely, perfectly remove all sins and impurities and iniquities from our hearts.

    But it is something that you said that connects it all. From heat, whether by candles, cooking or perfume, the aroma rises and fills the the room. How much so God's work of sanctifying and cleansing us from all righteousness thus producing that "aroma of Christ that is the stench of death to those dying and the fragrance of life to those who are living."

    Oh goodness. Now I have to look up any Biblical reference to perfume, candles, cooking or oil. Ye gads, oil always symbolizes the work of the Holy Spirit...

    ... hmm, excuse me, I have work to do.


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