Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 Days

I'm in the middle of a 10 day 'babysitting/housesitting' job.  Not really babysitting, cause the kids are older- (ages 11, 13, and 15) but still.  I'm the responsible party while the parents are in India for 10 days. The job started on November 28th and will end on Thursday, December 9th.

Today is December 5th....and we're all still alive!!! :-)

Really though...the kids are awesome. They are well-behaved and a lot of fun to be around!
The thing that was the most challenging at the beginning was bed time.  The guys go to bed at 10pm.  And...well. We know Minda goes to bed early.  That first Sunday night- at 7:30 my eyelids were drooping and I was like...."umm....really!?!!? 10???"  I painstakingly made it to 10pm. I precisely sent everyone to bed and went to bed myself.  Evidently I passed out right away because I had several text messages from 10:06 and 10:08pm that I never heard!  

I got the kids off to school, headed to work, then came home, made dinner, did homework, etc.....

I made it to 8:45 pm before getting too tired.  Progress, my friends...progress. :-)

On Tuesday night I made it til 9:30 before hitting my wall.  I told the guys that at 10pm they were needing to go to bed.  I got a fight that I had to take these:

ooooh Yeah.  Play station 3 remotes went to bed with me! :-)

On Wednesday night, I introduced the boys to the wonderful world of cake pops!  They were impressed and also blown away at how long they took to make.  But really liked them!

Thursday night I was a pro at the bed time thing and I didn't even to go bed myself until 10:30!!! Wooo! Gettin better!  Friday morning I had a rough one.  I didn't get my coffee, I felt rushed....Oh, did I mention I didn't have coffee?  Yeah.  I didn't.  On Friday night- I got the night off (all the boys were stayin with friends or family) and I was able to celebrate Helen's birthday!!!

I came back on Sunday morning (that's today), cleaned up the house a bit- played in the backyard with Matthew- and then got to watch as he showed me he could fit through the doggy door!!! It's true! He could fit!  So here we are.....on Sunday night.  I'm thinking about setting all the clocks forward a bit.... Do you think they would notice? To pass the time, Christmas decorations went up, I went for a run with Luke, and made pumpkin pancakes for dinner. Good day so far! 1 hour and 10 minutes left before bedtime ;-)

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