Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Musings

My roommate, Hailey, asked me 2 weeks ago what my favorite part of 2010 was.

Such a loaded question.  With so many answers!  I’ve been wanting to do a blog to sort of ‘wrap up’ the year- but hadn’t figured out how I would to that….So here’s the deal.

I will try and break down the year in the best way I know how…

The new Year started in the most amazing fashion- A Black Out Masquerade Party with hundreds of the coolest people I know and I’m so lucky to call them friends! 

March was spectacular with the most amazing birthday EVER followed up by an awesome visit to South Carolina.

April/May brought lots of transition as I left my job of 3 years at Winfree Academy to take on a position at Life Outreach International helping to kick off their social media department. It was a transition that I am so thankful for- with lots of ‘new’…. New job, new co-workers, new schedule, new dress code…;-)

June/July/August was an interesting couple of months....14 weddings in those 3 months. Yes. 14.  Lots of travel happened in July- South Carolina for the 4th- Arizona the next weekend- South Carolina again at the end of the month…. OH! And I moved too!  Ha.  I got a new roommate and we moved into a new apt complex which I love! (the complex AND the roommate)

September/October/November- Yeah…I’m still trying to figure out where those months went….?  Anyone?

And here we are in December. 

Let’s discuss some silly favorites.

  • Favorite purchase: in June I bought a electric piano. Best money spent this year!
  • Favorite gift: my kitchenaid mixer!!!!
  • Favorite book I read this year: Beth Moore “So Long, Insecurity” (WOW! So. Good.)
  • Favorite YouTube video: Hide yo kids. Hide yo wives. Nuff said.

On a MUCH more serious note- (and by serious- I mean- most of this will be written in my journal- not this blog post) ….  This has been my most favorite year ever with Jesus.  I’ve spent more time with him this year probably than I’ve ever spent with Him.  I’ve had some of the sweetest moments with Him and I’m trusting that He will take 2011 to a new level.  (which is even hard to imagine because this year has been so deep.)

I have dug into His Word more than ever before and have leaned on the Truth of His Word more than ever. It’s amazing what happens when you hide his Word in your heart. Those Truths will be what surfaces when faced with difficult situations (and I’ve faced them this year…for sure.) If bitterness/anger is hidden- THAT will be what surfaces when faced with uncomfortable situations.  I’ve known that all too well in past years and that is a Minda that no one deserves to see or deal with.
Thankful for this year.

2010 was a game changer for me. 

He is good.

(also *winner of the CD was Josephine Luu!* I'll send it this week!!!)

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