Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finishing up 2010 with a bang!...and an ER visit

So- Monday I spent some quality time in the Emergency Room of Baylor-Grapevine Hospital. Just what I wanted to do to begin Christmas week of 2010.

I first went to the CareNow and then ended up in the ER.  The ONLY reason I went to the CareNow in the first place was because I had such a sharp pain in my side that I was worried it might be my appendix...and from what I hear- it's better to have it taken out rather than have it rupture.....or so I hear... :-)

So I went in- had some tests run and the CareNow advised me to go to the ER.

Since this was my first time at an ER (and careNow) I wasn't really sure what to expect- or what I really even needed.  I had a couple of friends and co-workers ask if I needed anything and I politely declined.  After all- I was just going to be sitting in a waiting room. 

But after an hour of waiting- I got a message on my phone from a friend asking where I was at.  At the same time- the doors open to the ER and in walks Carolyn (not my sister....although she pleaded with me to allow her to come).....

When I saw Carolyn- I burst into tears.  Upon telling this story later- several people were like "Minda!!! I asked if you needed anything or if you needed me to come!"  My response was "....well,  honestly until I saw Carolyn's face- I didn't know WHAT I needed." 

So- after another period of waiting- they finally called me in and I said goodbye to Carolyn.  Seriously- Carolyn- if you ever happen upon this blog post- There are no words to describe just how much your showing up in that ER blessed me.  Realllly.

So I go in to see the Dr and he basically tells me the same thing as CareNow- that he's not comfortable ruling out my appendix- but that he's thinking it's kidney stones.

So- I get prescriptions with instructions to check back in with them.

I had a meeting at 5:45 that evening that I didn't want to miss- so I dropped off the prescriptions at the walmart close by and headed to my meeting.  At this point- I'm feeling TERRRRRIBLE.

I go back to WalMart to get my meds- have to wait a while- problems with insurance- etc- and walk away with only 2 of the meds.

While driving home- I feel so wretched and I just lose it....again.  Tears, streaming- I just hate being sick.  I hate not knowing what the problem is.  I don't want people thinking I'm faking it- I just hate it.

So while I'm driving home- I call my mom to figure out what I need to do about the 3rd medicine- and she gives me instructions. I get off the phone and start crying AGAIN! I don't WANT to call the ER and get the prescription fixed. I just want to go home, take some pain meds, and get in bed!!!!

And that's exactly what I did. 

Went to work the next day (w/o the pain meds...cause I can't drive after taking it) and worked til about 1 before calling it quits. Went and got the final med- came home- saw that my temp had spiked up again- and I just took the meds and took about 3 naps.  I'd wake up in between- watch some TV- then pass out again.

Finally- at 7:30 I was done.  I fell asleep and slept til 6:20 this morning.

Went back to work today- feeling ok.  My side is not hurting- but my body just feels 'off.'  I don't know what's wrong.  I have continued to feel nauseous, and at around 2:30 today- felt my temp spike again.  So I left work at 3 and came home.  I did call the ER and they suggested that at this point- since my stomach no longer is experiencing the sharp pain- that I just call my primary care physician.

So I came home- took more meds- and have been laying on the couch.

Now here I am- Wednesday night- laying on my couch- and blogging about my painful story. :-)

Grateful my side is not hurting anymore...thankful for friends who have been praying!

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  1. I was wondering what was going on. So sorry about this. Feeling yucky is the worst!!


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