Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday I was talking with a co-worker who mentioned that his daughter (17) is in the middle of her first broken heart.

He said "I've NEVER seen her cry this much."

My response to him was this:  "Lucky for you! This is where YOU get to sweep in and become the hero."

He said "really?"

"Yes. very much, yes."

"Why's that?" he asked?

"She is going to need to be affirmed right now- that's she's loved...that she's beautiful....that there is nothing wrong with her" I told him. "My dad has always done a great job at this."

"Wow.....I didn't realize it was THAT big of a deal."
"Yes, yes it is" I said.

"Well what kind of stuff do I do?"

"YOU can be the one to bring her flowers..." ...I said "does she like starbucks?  bring her a starbucks drink home today from work.  It's really the small things.  Nothing big.  But just be there.  And slide into the place that has just been left open."


You've always done such a great job at this.  I know plenty of girls who have 'needed' to have a boyfriend or a significant other in their life.  I've never NEEDED that.  (Not to say I've not WANTED that...and wanted it so badly it hurt) but I've never needed that.   You have done an awesome job of affirming, of loving, and taking care of the small things.  Whether it was a diet dr. pepper on a bad day, an email telling me how much you love me, or a special 2 hour drive into Dallas to take me to dinner and stock my fridge.  Not to mention the fact that EVERY single valentines day of my life that I can remember- you've taken care of being my valentine. Grateful for you.  I'm a lucky girl.

And by lucky, I mean- overwhelmingly blessed.  You make it easy for me to have a glimpse of just how much my Father loves me. Because you do a great job of looking like Him.

Love you!



  1. Daddies, date your daughters—talk with them, love them well, be there for them, take them out for good quality time—so that some punk can't come along and sweep her off her feet with minimum effort.

    If God be so good and give me daughters to raise, I will always remember this post.

    Thank you for so much for this post :)


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