Sunday, February 27, 2011

They call me "Melinda"

August 2002. Freshman year of college.  First week.  Orientation. Arlington, TX.

I'm introducing myself to everyone and anyone.

The conversations that first week went like this:

Me: "Hi! My name is Minda."

Them: "Wait what?"

Me: " know. Linda with an M"

Them: "oooh Minda."

Me: Yeah.

Them: "Awesome. Hi. Fun name. Nice to meet you."

About halfway into this week of orientation where you are meeting everyone- I got tired of that conversation. Minda was not familiar. No one knew what I was saying. So I said "to heck with this. I'll just go by Melinda.(my official 1st name)"

This lasted for one day.  "Melinda" just didn't 'fit' know?

But. During that one day of giving up on the name Minda- I met a girl who would be a part of my life in a big way! And would introduce me to OTHER people as "Melinda."

So. I have 2 friends that call me "Melinda."

And they argue when I try to tell them to call me Minda. They say "You introduced yourself to us as Melinda so that's yo name, woman!"

The friendship I have with these 2 girls is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for.  There are not a ton of people that I keep in close contact with that I met at UTA.  But these 2 girls are for sure a huge part of my life today.

Meet Leticia!

This gorgeous lady I saw in my history class.  We'd met- and every time I saw her- she had this exact same HUGE smile on her face.  Stunning, right???   Well- About 8 weeks into my 1st semester- My roommate had to make an emergency exit from our dorm- leaving me with no roommate for a week.  I got a call from the front office telling me they were on my way up with the new girl. I heard a knock on my door and looked out the peep hole to see THIS smile. I was like "whaaaaa?!?!?"

So. We lived together for the remainder of the year and I love this girl like crazy.  Leticia ended up finishing her last 2 years of college in Austin at UT and one would think that changing schools would alter a friendship. But nope. Not with Leticia. To this day- we are still friends and probably closer friends than we've ever been....despite her living in NEW YORK now!!! :-)

Meet Jaclyn!

This lady.  Oooooh man. This lady. Can't you just even tell from this picture that she seems like she'd be awesome to hang out with?  Yes.....yes she is. :-) Jaclyn and I met that one day of orientation and have been friends ever since. Who wouldn't want to be friends with her?? So many inside jokes....So many memories.  Jaclyn is actually the first person to introduce me to Beth Moore.  Yup. That's right.  I did my first Beth Moore bible study with her! :-)

Jaclyn still lives in the DFW area and teaches high school.  Her kids are the luckiest students! I love that no matter what- however often or seldom we see each other- we can pick right up and feel as though no time has gone by.  We have history. I love having history with friends. Good history :-)

9 Years I've known these ladies.  NINE. :-) These will be girls that I'm sure I'll call when I'm 40 and tired of my kids and want to get away for a weekend. These are the girls that I know will slap a girl back into reality and hold me accountable.  These are girls that I can talk to when I need a good cry/vent/or laugh.

These are my girls....And they call me 'Melinda.'

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  1. Can't wait to read the post on where "Lou" came from. :-)


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