Friday, March 11, 2011

He can make time stand still

This has been an interesting month.

I have been praying for a BIG prayer request since January. Felt as though the Lord told me to pray specifics and to pray big.  So I have been.

Over the past 4 weeks- I've been struggling with the difference between asking the Lord for something because His Word SAYS to ask Him of things....and then asking things as though I've just received a magic lamp with a genie inside. You know?

But here's the deal. Obviously- we can ask the Lord for something- and it not happen- or we don't get what we ask for. And 99% of every time this has happened to me- I look back and am SO grateful that the Lord did not give me what I asked for. Realllly grateful!
So. As I've been praying- the thoughts have crept in..."you asked something too big, Minda.....That's not gonna happen.  He can't do THAT. There are too many factors that come into play when you ask something like that.  You're crazy.  Prepare to be disappointed...."

And when I say the thoughts crept in....I mean....they were CONSTANT!  All the TIME!  So.

In my quiet time this past month- I found it fitting that the Lord would direct me to the passage in Joshua in which Joshua is about to go into battle and they need more time. Joshua prays "O Sun, stand still over Gibeon, O Moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.".....the next verse: "SO THE SUN STOOD STILL, and the MOON STOPPED, til the nations avenged itself on its enemies.....the SUN STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SKY AND DELAYED GOING DOWN ABOUT A FULL DAY!....There has never been a day like it before..."

Can we talk about a BIG prayer?!?!? Seriously?  The factors that would come into play with a prayer like THAT?!?!?  The people all over the EARTH that would be affected by a prayer like that?  By NATURE stopping it's course because a man prayed? 

Yeah.  Who am I to limit God?

So. I'm praying big.  And I'll continue to pray big.  Because I know He's answered big prayers in the past and in the present. And I know He will continue to do the same thing in my future.


  1. I am going through the exact same thing.

    He does hear me.
    He does answer prayers.

    The thing is, he actually delivers.

    For example,

    I prayed for more people my age to come into my church. What does he do? He brings in a 35 year old single guy who visits his 84 year old grandma on a weekly basis. That pretty specific since I am a 35 year old single guy who visits his 84 year old grandma on a weekly basis.

    If he had a 9 year old son, I would be officially freaked out. Quite possibly, I would have myself institutionalized.

    Lord, bring in kids my son's age. Lord delivers.

    Lord, give me opportunities to teach and preach. Lord delievers.

    Lord, may I go to school? Lord gets me a job in Irving and now I go to two schools.

    Lord, can we minister into Southside of Fort Worth. Boom, meet a church planter who is planting in Meadowbrook who wants to reach all of Southside

    I was like, those are obvious God glorifying things. What about little things?

    Lord, can I hold this girl close to where we are cheek-to-cheek? We went to the movies and we are those people who conversate during the movies. Guess how we had to talk? Cheek-to-cheek. (Now, I ask if I can hold her hand.)

    The point in all of this is not that I am doing something special but to boast on him. James says, "You do not receive because you do not ask. When you do ask, your heart is in the wrong place." Christ said, "Ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you."

    I resolved a long time ago: I just want you, God. Give me you. I ask you in the name of your son who PROMISED you will give me anything I wanted. So that is my desire. You, my God.

    I ask this because I am your child because Your Spirit says I am your child. If I am your child, then I am your heir and I am fellow heirs with your Son provided that you do your work in me (Romans 8:14-17). I also know that your Son, my older Brother is heir to all things (Hebrews 1:2). So that makes me fellow heir to the heir of all things.

    You have just proven that you are my All-in-all.

  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. God bless you

  3. you have great faith Minda! I had a conversation this weekend about the same scripture. :) Love this post!


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