Saturday, March 19, 2011

morning cup of Minda

When I was in college- I lived and worked on campus for my first 2 years.  Because the dorms were not only where I lived but worked (I was an RA...more on this later!)- the hall directors encouraged us to find places off campus to study so that we could get away from our place of 'work.'

Starbucks became that place for me in my 2nd year of college. The Fielder/Randol Mill location was the perfect place for me to study.  Great comfy chairs- a fun team of worked!
One day towards the end of my 2nd year of college- I'd been studying at Starbucks and the manager of that location, Danny, and I'd been talking.  He said in passing "Whenever you want a green apron- I've got one for you in the back!" I smiled and thanked him- telling him that one day I'd love to work there!

At the end of that semester- I headed off to Pine Cove for my 2nd summer of being a camp counselor and also left  behind LOTS of decision to be made.  Where to live....where to work....(as I was not returning to UTA) for the next semester.

The team that was created while working at Starbucks was amazing. We had SO much fun. That was really my first (possibly only) job that even AFTER work- we all still hung out. We wanted to go grab a movie...have dinner..with each other! 

I read an article this morning about "things your barista won't tell you."

Check it out. It's a great article!  And SOOOO true.

It made me start to think about things I never told my customers....but wanted to SO badly!
So here's MY list:

-when people say "ahhhh I need coffee soooo bad" and then proceed to get a latte.....I want to say 'you didn't need coffee. You needed milk. Yes. There is caffeine in a latte- but 98% of the drink you have just ordered is MILK. And unless you specified otherwise- it's WHOLE milk. 

-If you are ordering a venti caramel frappuccino with extra caramel- and proceed to tell me that I'd not added enough caramel for your have got issues.  SERIOUS ones.  The amount of sugar you are about to consume is ungodly and you might want to take a break on the drinks.

-If you say 'no foam' on your drink.....I PROMISE YOU! I scooped off all the foam.  I did not secretly want to add foam to your drink to frustrate you.  When I hand you your drink- there has been enough time for a TINY layer of foam to form on the top of your drink.  Please do NOT tell me I forgot to scrape off your foam.  If I had forgotten- there would have been a LOT MORE FOAM on that sucker.

-It's ok to tell your barista that your drink does not taste right.  If you do so in a nice tone.  We will gladly remake it for you! Don't drive away unhappy with your beverage. Let them know- and do it nicely. They won't charge you again- and you can get a drink that suits your liking. after I'd been working at Starbucks for about 2 years- one of our regular morning customers, Mike ( coffee in a personal to-go cup....every morning M-F) came in on a Saturday and sat down to read the paper with his coffee.  I was wiping down a table and he stopped me and said "soooo Minda. You like working here?"  I said "of course.....a great job."

He proceeded to ask me about my plans after Starbucks....and if I'd be interested in working at his bank. I already had a good job that I liked (and told him so) and he said "Well, I'll pay you more." We kind of laughed about it- and went on.  A couple weeks later- I asked him about a job- never even had to apply....Just went it- got set up- and was sent to 2 weeks of training to be a bank teller.

That's my Starbucks experience :-)

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  1. That list and your list is spot on and I have never worked at a coffee shop.

    The macchiato is number 1 in my book. I don't know why Starbucks had to ruin that name when a doppio macchiato is probably the best espresso drink on the planet when done right.


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