Sunday, April 10, 2011


How do you like THAT title?!?!
A couple of months ago- I was taking a class and someone mentioned the process of titling a blog post. They said that the title needs to be attention grabbing or you will be doing your post a disservice.

Well let me admit. I've pretty much done ALL of my blog posts a huge disservice. Except for one....titled "Ridin Dirty"...and I actually got a couple of texts and messages from people saying "We think you've been spammed!!!'

No....I really DID intend to title the blog post just that... And evidently it's true what the teacher of my class said. That was the one that caught all the attention.

In addition- ever since then- blogging has been a bit difficult for me because I get stumped with titling my blog......Ugh.  Trying to come up with something witty/clever is exhausting.

Being clever on twitter/facebook? Not exhausting. Natural ;-)

But with my blog post titles.....exhausting.

Now. with that said...I'm sure I've lost your attention and any time I spend NOW trying to come up with a title will be lost because you will have read all that junk I just wrote and zone out.

For those of you are sticking with me so far.....well. bad news is- I don't really have anything all that exciting to say. (which then is making me even wonder why I'm blogging....SHEEEESH!!!)

I'm exhausting myself.

But. All that to say- This weekend was the women's conference at Gateway there were SO many amazing messages brought that I need another 2 weeks to process them all. So much going on in my brain and so many things I feel are changing that the thought of blogging about them seems almost impossible at this point.

Hopefully in the next month or so I'll start sharing some of the things that stuck out to me!

In the meantime- I'm going to bed with freshly washed sheets, iced coffee made and ready for the morning, and my computer is being shut. 


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  1. My sheets are freshly washed tooo!!! It's the GREATEST feeling in the world to get into bed! On that note... good night :)


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