Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chivalry is NOT dead! (Who's Chivalry!?!)

Most of my life has been spent around females.

I had 2 sisters.

My 1st year of college I lived on a hall with 50 girls.

My 2nd year of college, I was an RA to a hall full of 50 girls.

I served in the high school ministry for a group of high school girls.

I've learned to live with about 15 different girls over the past 27 years.

To say that I know very little about the male species would be an understatement.

To say that I know a LOT about females. Well. Yeah. That would be true. Not saying that I'm an expert....but just saying that I've gathered a LOT of information.

I'm pretty good at reading females, honestly. I can walk in a room full of people....and if you give me about 10 minutes- I can tell you which girls in the room have crushes on which guys.

Now- walking into a room and being able to decipher which guy likes which girl? Eh- I'm not AS good at that.

I say all that to say.....I'm just used to being around females.

And. When females hang out together- when we travel together- when we go out together....a girl is on her own. She opens her own door. She drives herself. She carries her own luggage. She lugs her own groceries up the stairs. Following me?

So. At the age of 27- When someone of the male species asks to open my door for me...carry a bag of mine...or anything of the like....I have to say-Not only is it surprising to me....But it is a FABULOUS treat. To hear someone say "Let me get that for you."

But. quite honestly- because I'm so used to having to do those things on my own day in and out- my response most often is surprise- followed by "no it's ok I can get it."

Not because I'm on a power trip/feminist and think "I can do it on my own"...but because I'm just so used to doing it and I'm taken by such surprise that it almost flusters me and I just try to cover my 'flustered-ness' and just do it myself.

Well. That brings me to this week.

On Friday I posted and wrote about how the day before- I'd been telling the Lord that while He might be asking me to trust Him in a 'particular area'- my response was "I don't know HOW to trust you in that area. How do I do it?!?!"

I wrote about the shield of faith and how the Lord had just let me know "You don't have to worry about holding the shield...I'll hold it in place for you....I'll actually BE the shield."

So. I've got this 'shield' that I've been lugging around for a LONG time. I've not been able to hold it it place- cause it was too heavy for me. I didn't know HOW to hold it in place. But I've been carrying it around because I know I'm supposed to use it! But it's just been a hassle for me to carry around. And starting on Thursday morning- each time my mind would start to wander...start fretting....start worrying about 'this particular area' I thought- eh. I can't lift the shield. But. EACH TIME- I heard a soft whisper say "Let me get that for you, Minda."

And while most often when I hear those words I'm used to saying "nah, it's ok- I got it..." I've never been more happy to hand it over to Him. Between Thursday and Friday- I probably heard Him whisper that to me a total of 25-30 times...."Let me get that for you, Minda."

Each time- my mind immediately was at rest. No tug of war over handing it over. No debate. I've just gladly handed it over and said to him "whew! That was too heavy for me."

My question of "HOW do I trust you in this area, Lord?!?" has been answered with this:

"Let me get that for you, Minda."


  1. Thanks, Christian! Love you too, lady! SO MUCH!

  2. Wonderful post, Minda! He says the same thing to me! ^.^

    I guess that makes us Daddy's girls... & also sisters! ;)

    God bless you!

    1. rereading through old blogs and old comments. Thanks for reading! :-) Daddy's girls and sisters sounds fantastic.


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