Monday, April 11, 2011

Target Practice

Was listening to Beth Moore teach last week and there was a message that spoke to me....and I want to try and relay that message here.  Hang with me. If you can capture this as I did- I know it will encourage you.

So. Here goes.

If there is an area of my life in which I'm not trusting the Lord...and area that always seems to be my area of struggle...that means my 'shield of faith' is down. If it were up- I'd be trusting.

Right? Let me explain further.

There are areas in which I trust in the Lord. BIG time. Areas in which I have no doubt. For instance. I hold my shield of faith high and firm in the area of provision. The Lord has proved over and over to me that He WILL provide for THIS baby girl of His. My faith is high in this area. (ps. if this is an area in which you do not have much faith- let me know. I'd love to share MY portion of faith with you and believe with you for provision!)

Or in the area of healing. I've written about this area before. The Lord has proved Himself MANY times in my life to be my healer. So when sickness comes...I don't freak out. I don't fall apart. My shield of faith- again- is in position. Held high.

But. There are areas in my life in which my ability to trust the Lord is NOT so great.  Ok- let's be honest. There are some areas in which I just fall apart. It's the area of my life that takes up most of my brain for a good portion of the day. I'm constantly thinking/worrying/wondering about this area.

Beth explained it like a balloon with a hole in it. An area of your head that just spews....with vain imaginations....with anxieties....with every kind of worry, every kind of fear, every kind of insecurity. Your mind just spews.

Following me here?

If you've been a Christian for any length of time- we all have areas in which we've learned to trust God.
But there are those areas that we're still learning.

Ok. So. If my shield of faith is down- then that area is an open target for the enemy to shoot his darts. Right? Shield is not in place- open target.

Therefore- making it all the more hard to trust God in that area. Because it's an area in which Satan has free range to shoot and hit.

And when he shoots targets of worry, fear, anxiety....we continue in the cycle. Of not being able to Trust God. And when we've been hit- we think that God did not come through for us.

We have let ourselves believe deep down in our heart that God is NOT going to be faithful to us in that area. That we will just have to carry around that load of worry and anxiety. Because we believe that He's not gonna do it.

When I heard Beth teaching- I knew IMMEDIATELY what my 'thing' was. I knew the area in which I don't trust Him. I VERY quickly found the area of 'spewing'.

And what's interesting- is that when Satan is messing with me.....he's only THREATENING me.  It's not even a reality. It's a threat.  And an empty one at that.

I've located my area of 'spewing' and I realize where my 'shield' has been down. Friends- I'm EXHAUSTED from carrying the anxiety and worry. It's time to lift my my shield in THAT area because the moment I do- Satan can shoot all he wants but it will not penetrate to the deepest part of my being. The spewing will stop. And believe me- A shield of faith is easier to carry than a load of crap that the devil throws my way.


  1. MINDA MIDDLE NAME CORSO! Love this blog. :) Thank you so much for sharing! Wow. I need to really think about this one for a while. You are such an encourager!

  2. So Good and perfect timing! This is silly, but that's usually all the enemy can use. Last night I made french toast and i think I added too much milk and made them soggy, but half way into eating the second one I started wondering if the eggs weren't cooked. I then spent all night and much of this morning wondering about salmonella! Does my stomach hurt? No, not at all! But all morning I have exhausted myself with fighting the enemy over these stupid lies! My shield definitely was down. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much Sarah. I LOVED this comment! haha :-) Awesome.

    And Jenae! Awesome!! I loved hearing this story! And I think you are going to make a fabulous roommate :-)


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