Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Sixteen Year Old Minda

Saw this site posted today in which celebrities wrote letters to their 16-year-old- self.

Made me start thinking what..and honestly...IF i would tell my 16 year old self anything about life at my age now.

Here's my letter:

Dear 16-Year-Old-Minda,

It's me!...I!....of sorts. From the future.

Here are some things you need to know:

1.) You are beautiful. Really. You are. Start learning to accept this. Because if you don't accept it- you will be consumed with trying to make yourself beautiful. Learn it now. Don't waste your life trying to make yourself appear beautiful.

2.) High School is almost over. Really. It is. Just smile and get through it. College will be SO much better.

3.) Contrary to what Mrs. Breedlove tells you- you honestly have NO reason to learn calculus. Promise.

4.) Your mom and dad are your best support system. Stop looking elsewhere for it.

5.) Did I mention you are beautiful? You are. :-)

6.) You really are an awesome kid. Just keep on keepin on.

7.) I know you want me to tell you the future in regards to boyfriends/husband etc. But I can't. I won't. It's better that you don't know.  And now I fully understand why it's better to NOT know some things. So trust me(

8.) Keep loving Jesus. He's good. He's faithful. You'll see. He's gonna come through for you in so many ways.

9.) And lastly....You are beautiful.


The older, wiser, and more mature YOU.

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