Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 12th was NOT the right answer

Ten years ago (groan) I was a Junior in High School preparing to attend my very first prom.

In addition- not only was I going to attend- but it is tradition that the Juniors HOST the prom. So I was on the Prom planning committee. This is a very important piece of information that I will use in my defense later. Make note :-)

Talk of prom was echoing through every hallway....ok, so maybe we only had 2 hallways at my school...but still..  Everyone was talking and planning.

One morning I was on my way into my AP English class (did I really need to specify that it was an AP course? No. Just trying to impress you.)...ANYWAY. Was walking into my class when I was stopped in the hallway.

Please picture this with me. Door to classroom is open. One foot in. One foot out. I've turned to the guy who said "Minda!"

I turn and said "what's up?"

He said...."Do you have a date for prom?"

Without missing a beat, I said "Yeah, it's May 12."

As soon as the words were out of my mouth- a awkward look came across his face and I just stared......Then I head laughing coming from inside the classroom.

And then I realized what had just happened.

The guy laughed....turned away....and walked off.

I, then, had to turn and face my classmates.

For someone who is on the planning committee- that was a normal response, right?!?!?!? ;-)

Here's to 10 years of learning to embrace my ignorance in regards to dating/being asked out/the like. ...Oh and here's to 10 years since having Country Music Award styled hair.


  1. Honey, what a FANTASTIC story : ) Made my morning.

    For the record...I will be your "May 12th" any time you want ; )

  2. That is am AMAZING photo!! It should be framed on your wall without question. Incidentally, I found pics recently of Jeremy and I at prom that I pulled out to show you next time you are around :)

  3. @Esther....haha....good to know :-)
    @Amy- oooh yes! Keep those photo's handy! ;-)


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