Monday, June 27, 2011

United States Postal Service

I ordered a package at the end of May.

I've not yet received this package.

Granted- I did have an address change.

But here's the deal. When you have a tracking number for a package you should be able to locate it.

I've been on the phone with the post office 7 out of the 8 last mornings. 

They put me on hold. I listen to the same 6 notes of music that play. I've even begun singing harmony to the music. Then the person comes back on the phone- tells me they can't find it- and then gets my number.

Today. I asked the man for a phone number at the 'forwarding' office in Coppell.

He said "They don't have a phone number."

I said "Sir. This is the 21st century. I'm positive they have a phone number- now give it to me."

He said "let me put you on hold."

{starts the 'hold' music and I, again, start singing harmony to it.}

He said "I looked on the shelf and the package isn't there."

I said "Sir. for the past 7 days- there have been people lookin on that shelf. And everyone says the same thing. So now it's time for you to look somewhere OTHER than that shelf and find my package."

He says "Let me get my supervisor for you."

{music starts back up again}

Supervisor picks up the phone and I realize I've talked with her before (on Thursday of last week)

I said "Ma'am. We've spoken. I'm trying to find my package."

She said "Oh, you are Ms. Corso?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"May I get your phone number, Ms. Corso?"

I said "Debbie. Every person in your building has my number at this point and NO ONE has cared to use it. Why do you want my phone number?"

Debbie sighs....

I sigh.

She says "I'll call you back."


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  1. Out. Of. CONTROL.

    You need a big scary black man/woman to threaten their livelihood if they don't get it together. I'm not very big, but I hear that I'm scary, lol. I will volunteer for the job!!


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