Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lunch Time Ramblings

(ps....Brandon- I wrote this on my lunch break) :-)

From that time on, Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.

Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!”

Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”


I read this passage from Matthew this morning and my first thought was “geeez. A bit harsh huh, Jesus? Calling Peter by the name of Satan?”

And I know where I’m about to go might be a stretch for some of you but it’s what came to mind when I read this.

Girls. When it comes to crushes on guys we like, do you have the friends that tell you “Ohhhh! Girl he’s SOOOO into you!?!” or “oooooh he glanced at you while eating his dinner! It MUST mean he likes you!” or “What?!?! He waved at you from across the parking lot?!?!? Aggggh! He’s in LOVE with you!”

Or you explain something that happened that you have overanalyzed and tell your girlfriend about it and they immediately begin to overanalyze with you? They begin to tell you “Ooooh when he said this…he means this….and therefore- that means he likes you too!” When in reality- the guy couldn’t be farther from having a crush on you.

Is anyone following me?

Or you try on a dress- you ask if it is flattering- and your friends so “heck yes it is! Buy the dress!”

When in reality- the dress couldn't be more unflattering if you put the same dress on a donkey.
Do you have friends in your life keeping you in reality…speaking Truth….and giving you the real story?

Or do your friends give ‘advice’ as described above?

Sometimes when I hear conversations like the ones listed above- I want to shout out at them “Get behind me Satan!”

Would that be a bit harsh?

This passage from the bible might not mean ANYTHING in regards to the situation I just typed out- but hey. It’s what came to mind. So there you have it.

SPEAK TRUTH. Don’t give bad advice. It might not hurt YOU- but it will for SURE hurt the people you’re lying to.

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  1. hey friend! thanks for this post and your thoughts. i was talking to a close friend last night about a guy and i had the urge to fall into the easy "oooh, i'm so excited for you...he definitely likes you...yadda, yadda, ya". BUT, your post came to mind and i stopped. the conversation definitely changed modes and hard questions were asked...but she was definitely more thankful and walked away knowing i truly care.

    so, all that to say "thanks for the timely reminder". miss you, friend!!


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