Friday, August 19, 2011

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When reading my bible in the morning, there are a few things I love to do. I love to have a cup of coffee with me. I love the apartment to be cold. And I love to have a blanket. Oh. And I love to have fun pens with my journal.

Oftentimes when reading a story that makes me laugh, I will write “HAHAHA” next to that story. For instance, in 1 Kings- 22, King Ahab (a not-so-good- king) wanted someone to speak a word over him- but refused to have a particular (good!) prophet of the Lord come and give him a word. He said “I hate him because he never prophesies anything good about me, but always bad!” That just made me laugh. Because he WAS bad. And was doing bad things! (if you don’t find that funny, I’m sorry for making you read that).

Or. For instance. If there is something else that sticks out to me, I’ll write my thoughts. Again, another instance: In Proverbs 15- next to verse 17- you will see that I have written “I LOVE HELEN” next to it. Why? Well. That verse says “Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred.” My friend Helen is, basically, a vegetable lovin-yoga stretchin-happyhearted lady that loves Jesus. And she LOVES vegetables. And she loves people well. So that verse just makes me think of Helen every time I read it! :-)


This week! I wrote something in my bible next to a story and the Lord quickly challenged me in what I’d written.

Check it out.

Was reading in Exodus this week. Moses led the people across the Red Sea. I blogged earlier about that. But after they crossed over, they were without water or food. Basically- there was a water source- but the water was bad. The people grumbled and Moses called on the Lord. The Lord gave instructions to Moses in how to make the water better- he did it- and voila! The water was better. Jump over 2 chapters- and the people have moved on and are camping out in a new location. Again. The same thing happens. The people grumbled because there was no water and Moses cries out to the Lord.

Ok. Here is where my pen was quick to write. I wrote “THIS FRUSTRATES ME SO MUCH! The Lord had JUST provided water for them and here they are grumbling again! Don’t they remember what He had JUST DONE?!!?”

Right after I wrote that sentence (in pen, mind you) in my bible, the Lord said to me “Minda…they still needed water. They were in a new place. They may have grumbled and complained- but that doesn’t change the fact that they still needed water.”

Insert silence.


This spoke to me in a couple of ways. First- I’m in a position in which I’m looking to move to South Carolina. And I have felt AWFUL looking for a new job. Seriously. I keep saying “Lord, I love my job- and you provided it in such an AMAZING way for me last year. I feel guilty even ASKING you for anything else.”

To that- He says- “You are going to be in a new place. You STILL need ‘water’….You needed ‘water’ last year- and in the new place you will be- you will STILL need ‘water’. I’ll provide.”

And 2nd. It just reminded me that I NEVER EVER want to be in a place in which I have forgotten what He has done for me in the past. Let me always bring to mind Your faithfulness before starting to worry, stress, or grumble and complain.

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