Monday, June 1, 2015

The one where I have a boyfriend

So, there's this. 

I know. I've not posted much on this blog as of late. 

For many reasons.....

But for those who've been reading this blog since 2007 (can you believe I've been blogging that long?!) I thought I'd give a little update. And the name of that update is Jordan. :)

Questions? Ask away!


  1. Update us on the boytoy.....

    1. who is this asking? depending on who it is will depend on how much information you get :)

    2. Just an old acquaintance and random follower of your blog posts. You both just seem so happy in your pictures and I love hearing about great relationships. It gives me hope that there are still some great guys out there! :)

    3. I broke up with him on Labor Day. While I know, even three months later, that it was the right decision, you can be sure that there are still good men out there. He is one of them.

    4. Now I really hate that I asked. *egg on face* I am so sorry. But thanks for ending your post on a positive note. God has guys that he made special for each one of us and I have faith that we will meet them in God's time.


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