Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The one about Planned Parenthood

*updated August 5*
There are now three FIVE really important videos that have surfaced about Planned Parenthood.

You may have seen them. 

You may have felt angry, nauseated, sick, sad, disgusted, surprised, horrified. Any of these would have been appropriate. 

It's important this information come out. 

What's also important is to remember that there are now hundreds of thousands of women who have had abortions also seeing this content for the first time. 

They are feeling the same thing, but on a level we probably can't even imagine.

There are women who have battled shame, depression, and guilt over their decision to abort their baby. (Not all women do. But there are some.)

There are women who have suffered much after their decision to abort their baby. 

And to hear this recent news, I can only imagine it's not easy. To be told their baby's organs and tissue was harvested and picked through when they'd previously been told it was just a mass of tissue....I can't imagine that's easy. To be, again, faced with the reality of what they did. I'm guessing that's not easy.

As you should ALWAYS do before going to the Facebook or Twitter to blast your opinions and thoughts...before you continue calling people monsters and murderers, take a second to evaluate your audience. Do you really know who's reading?


  1. Great blog! Thanks. Yes, sensitivity is important! thank you.


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