Thursday, January 7, 2016

The one with a good surprise

I'm a sucker for a good surprise. Always have been, most likely always will be. I love when an author can write a story line in such a way that keeps me guessing until the last minute. I've been known to yell out loud while reading when such a surprise happens. I'll keep reading the book even if I guess the plot/villain from chapter 1, but it's more exciting to read when I don't know the outcome. Granted, I always like a good ending. But still.

The surprise I remember most clearly was on my 26th birthday. Two friends were taking me to dinner. I had a hunch a few other friends would "surprisingly" be at the restaurant. And they were. Then in walked my parents. Wasn't expecting that. We went to Laura's house after dinner for dessert and I had a hunch a couple more people would be around. And when I walked in- I was STUNNED. The room was full of people. I thought that was it. They did it. They surprised me.

But then.

Out came the biggest surprise. You know the one. The present you've not told anyone you want. The present you've been dreaming about.  The one- that if you actually got- would be a miracle because you hadn't even hinted around about wanting it.

My friends pitched in and got me a red KitchenAid mixer. For some- that doesn't seem like a big deal. But if you know me at all- you know it's a big deal.

I can't imagine being more surprised than I was in that moment.

I've talked some on this blog about how I have not been very good at "asking." For various things. Asking for help, asking for gifts, making a Christmas list, etc. I've known for quite some time that asking doesn't mean I will receive what I ask for. And when you ask for something and receive it- an element of the surprise that I love so much is gone. I contradict myself. I'm aware. :)

So in my unanswered, or seemingly unheard prayers, I wonder if God–who knows my desires more than anyone– is thinking to Himself "she loves a good surprise. That's the Minda I want to speak to today."

So. Today I'm deciding whether or not I should ask or if I should anticipate a surprise.

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  1. Minda, I got my (red) KitchenAid mixer for Christmas. Like you, I had never asked for it. I planned to buy it EVENTUALLY, when I had scraped together enough pennies, but it was nothing more than a distant pipe dream for the future.

    So on Christmas morning, my family lugged out an enormous box. I pulled a corner of the paper off the box and IMMEDIATELY began weeping. Good grief. I cried for a good five minutes before I could even finish unwrapping it! I couldn't even speak. It was the most delightful surprise of my life.


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