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The one with the tension

 The tension.  We all live in it-- every day. The tension of holding joy and holding pain. We can't escape it. But the way it shows up in our lives is different. We meet some people and immediately know the pain is taking over. We meet some and quickly see more joy-- and wonder how in the world their life can be so bright when the world is in so much chaos. But it's important to note that EVERYONE has the tension. Everyone has pockets of pain. Everyone has pockets of joy. How they are reflected is different.  I recognize the way I show up probably leans more toward the "bright side"-- and I wonder if that does a disservice to some on the periphery. I had a conversation with a newish friend and shared a bit of my heartache. She appeared to be caught off guard. Her response was, "I just had no idea. You seem so full of light all the time."  Do people see the bright side and make assumptions? Maybe people don't check in because they think all is well. We ar
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The one in Charlotte: Minda Poppins 5

 On May 1 I celebrated one year in Charlotte. Here's part 5 of my #MindaPoppins adventure. 

The one in Greenville: Minda Poppins 4

Greenville was the next stop after Seattle. I'd actually thought Greenville would be the final stop in this adventure. I thought I'd visit a few more places, but had anticipated coming back to Greenville. So much that I even started looking at homes in the area. I was 25 minutes away from family, 50 minutes away from the lake, and it seemed like the most logical landing place for me. When I recorded this video, I didn't know what was coming next. I'd begun to toss out the ideas of Florida next, but I didn't have a plan in place and felt a twinge of anxiousness. I wasn't nervous; I knew the plan would come together. But there were no next steps in place. 

The one with the three year delay in letting you know

Social media is a strange place. We know this. I'm not telling you anything new. And while some of you think I live my entire life online, that's actually not the truth. There are a LOT of pieces of me that stay offline. Three years ago I was getting through the biggest heartache/breakup I'd experienced to that point. And most of you never knew I'd even had a boyfriend to cause such heartache. Because I'd kept that offline. I never posted about my boyfriend on social media. Sure, my close friends knew about him, but outside of that, it was a part of my life I'd kept offline. I WANTED to share about him-- and was trying to decide the right time to share-- but it fell apart before I got the chance.  And then I found myself processing heartbreak offline as well. How could I talk about the heartache I was processing when I'd never even told anyone online there was a boyfriend to begin with? My close friends who knew the details showed up in a really big way-- to

The one in Olympia and Seattle: Minda Poppins 3

  If DC was the perfect first stop on the Minda Poppins adventures, Washington state was the perfect second step. I felt loved and cared for and it was a bit overwhelming. I'm grateful for this stop and also so glad I recorded this video to get the very fresh emotions/feelings captured. 

The one with the plan: Minda Poppins 2

February 2021 went faster than I could have anticipated. I was in a good space with my people surrounding me. But I knew packing up my things and hitting the road was the easy part. I still had to make plans for the next leg of the journey. I didn't have a home to go back to. I was REALLY doing this thing. Living month to month with adventure awaiting. This is part 2 of the 5 part video series. Enjoy. 

The one about Timehop

I use an app called Timehop. It's an old app and I have friends who make fun of the fact that I still open the app EVERY SINGLE DAY. 1360 days in a row, to be exact. Most days, it's a fun look back at my 'day in history' moments.  And then days like today it's not a good look back. It reminds me of one of the most painful days. A day in which my heart experienced pain like I hope to never experience again.  But as a human--- the chances of having my heart broken again are pretty high. I was just really fortunate to not have it happen like this til I was in my 30's.  I opened the app and saw images/screenshots of text messages that were sent and received ending a relationship.  The days/weeks/months that followed were so painful, but my friends rallied around me-- those who lived near me-- and those who lived far away.  That's a consistent part of my story. I have friends that rally. While today isn't a day I'd particularly like to remember, I'm c