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Let's Go MAVS!

Yesterday afternoon I got a message from my friend Meredith- asking if I wanted two tickets to a MAVS game. The tickets were $150 face value tickets and the game was for that evening. And it was a PLAYOFF game...Against the SPURS!

I said "HECK YES!"

I sent out a text to see if anyone was available to come with- and Micah was the lucky winner :-)

I checked online- saw that the game started at 8:30et...and we made our way to American Airlines center.

We arrive- park- walk in- and immediately realized that the tickets are a little better than we anticipated.

We go up to the 'platinum' level and go find our seats. We both are looking around and thinking "wow....for the game to begin in 10 minutes- it sure is EMPTY!"

And then on the big screen- we see "GAME BEGINS IN 79 MINUTES"

Umm...... yeah. So we got the time wrong.

So we decide to walk around the stadium and possibly go court side where the guys are practicing.

We're walking out when Micah overhears 2…


Friday morning- I was driving to Starbucks to begin my quiet time when I said to the Lord-

"This morning- I'm not asking for confirmation from You- because I know you have already given it to me. But what I AM asking for, Lord- is a Word to hold on to today. In my quiet time- please just give me something to hold on to today."

Here is what followed...

I'd started reading in Daniel the day before- so turned back to Daniel that morning. I'd been reading where rack, shack, and abednego had said to the king- "We know that our God can save us- but EVEN IF HE DOESN'T- we will not bow down to you."

I love the faith that was produced in their lives because of these turn of events.....Well. I kept reading and after they'd been thrown into the fire- King Neb said to the officials around (dan 3:25) "Look- I see for men walking in the fire- unbound and unharmed."

The word UNBOUND. This word stuck out to me.

Prior to having made the decision to be thrown…