Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's Go MAVS!

Yesterday afternoon I got a message from my friend Meredith- asking if I wanted two tickets to a MAVS game. The tickets were $150 face value tickets and the game was for that evening. And it was a PLAYOFF game...Against the SPURS!

I said "HECK YES!"

I sent out a text to see if anyone was available to come with- and Micah was the lucky winner :-)

I checked online- saw that the game started at 8:30et...and we made our way to American Airlines center.

We arrive- park- walk in- and immediately realized that the tickets are a little better than we anticipated.

We go up to the 'platinum' level and go find our seats. We both are looking around and thinking "wow....for the game to begin in 10 minutes- it sure is EMPTY!"

And then on the big screen- we see "GAME BEGINS IN 79 MINUTES"

Umm...... yeah. So we got the time wrong.

So we decide to walk around the stadium and possibly go court side where the guys are practicing.

We're walking out when Micah overhears 2 guys say "the buffet is this way"......and he says "Let's follow them!"

We're walking and following when we're led into an area in which a FANCY buffet is set up and tables are all nicely set. Micah and I look at each other- grin- and he says "Let's eat!"

I said "ummm....are you sure?"

He says "who knows- but let's roll with it!"

SO we did!!!!

We grabbed plates and began to put food on our plates....pork loin, pasta, veggies, goat cheese appetizers (gross)....and head back to the table. We sit down and immediately are met by a waiter who gets drinks for us.

We keep looking at each other with "what in the World is HAPPENING' looks and grinning. And then we dig in! :-)

Even typing this- I have to laugh- because it was so RANDOM.

Evidently- if you're in the platinum level- you get free food!!!

We finished eating- left a tip- and got up and walked out.. Hopefully that was all we needed to do :-)

We head back in to our seats and have 10 minutes before the game began.

The game started off rocky- and well. Kinda stayed that way for the first half. Our offense stunk.

Into the 2nd half- I looked at Micah and said "if I were the coach- my halftime speech would have gone like this: 'Your offense stinks. get it together.'....and then I would have walked out."


The game picked up and Jason Terry seemed to be the only Mav that cared about playing his best.... but oh well.

It was a great game- great company- and great seats!

Let's hope they do better in the next game and get this series taken care of! :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Friday morning- I was driving to Starbucks to begin my quiet time when I said to the Lord-

"This morning- I'm not asking for confirmation from You- because I know you have already given it to me. But what I AM asking for, Lord- is a Word to hold on to today. In my quiet time- please just give me something to hold on to today."

Here is what followed...

I'd started reading in Daniel the day before- so turned back to Daniel that morning. I'd been reading where rack, shack, and abednego had said to the king- "We know that our God can save us- but EVEN IF HE DOESN'T- we will not bow down to you."

I love the faith that was produced in their lives because of these turn of events.....Well. I kept reading and after they'd been thrown into the fire- King Neb said to the officials around (dan 3:25) "Look- I see for men walking in the fire- unbound and unharmed."

The word UNBOUND. This word stuck out to me.

Prior to having made the decision to be thrown into the fire- they were bound up. The king had ordered them to be tied up.

They held fast to what they knew of their God- and chose to 'walk through the fire'- LITERALLY....and this is where they found freedom. The ties were loosed- they were walking around in the fire- unbound.

The Lord just gently said to me "There is freedom in obedience. In the fire- you can experience more freedom than when outside of the fire. If you chose to obey- and walk through this situation- chains will come off and you will experience freedom."

I may not know answers- I may not know the end results- But I know my God is faithful....and I know that He still speaks.

I will obey.

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