Friday, August 11, 2017

The one about the next chapter


4.5 years ago, I made the fifteen minute drive north to Washington, DC from Tallahassee, Florida. And yes, if you’re thinking that seems a little short, you are right and should click on the hyperlink to see that story.

I drove into the city having just lost all of my personal belongings in a fire, but ready to start fresh in a new city. I didn’t know how long I’d be in DC, didn’t know if it would be the right fit for me, and had no idea the twists and turns that would follow. All I knew is that I was headed to DC and it was the right place at the right time for me.

Four and a half years and countless stories later, I’m making another ‘fifteen minute drive north.” Except it’s not fifteen minutes, it’s west and north, and it's about 9 hours away. I’m moving to Michigan!

On May 9th, after a really frustrating day, I left work a little early, laced up my tennis shoes and went for a run on the National Mall. I stopped and decided to take a nap on the grass and while staring all all the DC-ness around me, I had this overwhelming feeling of “DC is not where I’ll be long-term.” I’d never had that feeling before. Prior to this day, every time I looked at the Washington Monument, the Capitol, or run by the Lincoln memorial, I’d have an overwhelming feeling of “GOSH! I LOVE THIS CITY.”

And I do love this city, but that day, something had changed. I felt change was coming.

Who knew it would be so soon. I checked my email when I got home and found an email waiting for me--- that day—on May 9th!--- with the subject line “Seeking your counsel about digital communications position.”

Around this same time, I was interviewing with another organization. Both jobs presented really great opportunities and both would mean major changes in my life. I started praying for closed doors. I know that might sound a little cynical to some, but I trust when God says no. It’s a more definitive answer and I know He will open other doors.

I responded to the email on May 9. After she told me about the job, I asked the lady how they got my information---- she said “you were in our system.” To this day, I’m still not sure how they got my information, but 5 interviews and a trip to Michigan later, I’ve accepted the role of Digital Communications Manager for the Kellogg Foundation.

There has been SO MUCH PEACE throughout this whole process, so many different confirmations, and so many opportunities for me to brag on God and His faithfulness, His guidance, and His favor.
I start my new job on September 11. I’ll be making the ‘fifteen minute drive north’ to Kalamazoo Michigan either the 7th or 8th and I would love love love to hear what you know about Kalamazoo, who you know there (I know NO ONE), and best tips and tricks for surviving a Midwest winter.

To my people in DC: My life has been forever marked by you all. To my NCC family--- thank you for being just that….FAMILY. I’ve been honored to serve, sing, and lead with you all the past 4.5 years. To Jaryn: you’ll be getting your own blog post.

Let me assure you all of this: our God is good, faithful, and I truly do trust His knowledge of the bigger picture. What we can see is only a glimpse of the greater story being told. He’s writing a new chapter and I’m thrilled to live it to the fullest.

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