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The one where we do life.

Saturdays in Dallas usually meant sleeping in, then rolling out of bed to meet up with close girlfriends for brunch and coffee. Usually it was at my apartment, so I really COULD roll out of bed.

These are the moments where, as cheezy as it may sound, we truly DID LIFE together. We didn't just talk about what we'd done the previous week. We didn't talk just about events we'd gone to or surface-y type things.

These are the mornings we opened up and talked about what was reallllly going on in our life. What was challenging us. About areas in our life we needed someone to stand with us and believe with us that God was good and had our best in mind.

Saturdays are usually the days I miss Dallas the most.

I needed those friends this weekend.

I called two girls here in Tallahassee and said "I'll have breakfast and coffee if you'll just come sit on my couch!"

They came.

We talked. (ok, I mostly talked...but a lot has been going on!)

It was good. Thanks Laura a…

The one where the fall decorations come out

Today is game day in Tallahassee.  FSU playing Clemson. ESPN people are in town. Crazy day for sure.

Which means everyone in Tallahassee is on campus.

PERFECT time for me to get my errands done. Started my morning off with a coffee phone date with mom...(i was drinking coffee...she was drinking coffee....we talked on the phone) and then went out to get my errands done.

Came home, made pumpkin cream cheese muffins for a party I'm attending tonight and decided today, being as though it's the first day of fall, was a great day to pull out my fall decorations. So here you go. Decorations, a pumpkin cream cheese muffin, and a great smelling candle! :-) Happy Fall, Y'all!

The one with the acceptance

Today marks one year. One year ago I was on my way to celebrate my mom's birthday in Dallas when I called Jaryn. We had played a bit of phone tag throughout the day and I asked "Is this a good time?"
She responded "I'm sitting at the airport in Indianapolis. Attended a conference that covered social media....and I'm hoping you are calling to tell me you are accepting the job!" 
That's exactly why I was calling. 
Funny thing is, I leave Sunday for Indianapolis. The exact conference she was at. I'll be there as THE social media person. 
So glad I accepted. There has not been a SINGLE day....let's take that further....there has not been a single MOMENT where I've regretted accepting this job. 
Obviously, there are a lot more 'one year anniversaries' coming up. I'll try not to blog about each of them. ;-)

The one at the RNC

I don't know how to start this post. I probably won't know how to finish it either. But I have to start somewhere.

The Republican National Convention was in Tampa this year. We've known for a while we would be hosting some fundraisers around the event for one of the Foundations I work for.  I'd been told I could help out for our Tuesday event. I'd drive down Monday, be there for the event on Tuesday, then drive home on Wednesday.

Then at the end of July, Governor Bush was asked to speak at the RNC.  The schedule would be much busier now. Governor would have interviews, meetings, speeches, fundraisers, and all other sorts of events.

I was still planning to be there Monday-Wednesday.

Then Brandi, our events coordinator, said they needed someone to drive Governor's SUV to Tampa (from Tallahassee) on Saturday morning. Since I was already planning to go, I was the lucky winner. The other thing was this....Whoever drove it down- would have to drive it BACK to Tallaha…

The one with the pictures

Considering the fact I'm still processing everything that happened this last week, I figured I'd start with pictures.

The next post will be the details :-)
Hurricane Isaac was headed our way....or so we thought. 

So we went to Publix to get a stash in case we were stuck in the hotel.

Jaryn and myself, on Sunday. Computers open. Time to work. 

Gorgeous view from a house we hosted a fundraiser at. 

One of the events we hosted was a movie screening of the new moving coming soon "Won't Back Down." Of course we had popcorn. :-)

Some of our team members

My new suit ;-)

Met Governor Chris Christie:

At one of the fundraisers we hosted, this was the decor:

Another outfit. These were going to remain private on my instagram account until I realized my instagram is not so private anymore. 

And another!

From the rafters:

The Texas delegates!  Don't they look so great?!?!?! Made my Texas heart so happy to see these cowboy hats!

Again, another blurry picture, but yes, this …