Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The one with a manger

Christmas decorating began early for me this year. Early- meaning- 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. And I'm not even mad about it.

A couple months ago I posted about the new Christmas season approaching and how decorating my apartment would look incredibly different.

For the last four years or so, my parents have been gifting me with new pieces to my WillowTree nativity set. This year, I have to start over again. I got an early Christmas present in the mail last week as mom and dad gave me the first starter set again. You know, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. They were feeling lonely all by themselves in the manger until an email appeared courtesy of my blog.

A couple of months ago, JoAnne emailed to introduce herself and let me know she'd been following my blog for over a year now and had commented on a book I posted about. She and I both had so many similar takeaways from the book. A month later after reading my post about Christmas decor, I receive an email from her saying she wanted to contribute to my nativity.

This week a package arrived and Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are no longer lonely in the manger.

Joanne, what an incredibly special gift you have given. Every year I set up my nativity I will think of your generosity and your thoughtfulness.

To my mom and dad for starting me off again with the set:. Thank you! To Joanne, I am so honored. Thank you!

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