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The Biggest Loser

I'm way behind....I realize this now.

Season 12 is the first season for me to watch The Biggest Loser.

I've been so impressed with the show that in the meantime I've been going back and watching all of Season 11 as well. I'm sure I'll work my way back and watch more seasons.

But there has been a switch to take place in my mind after watching this show.

I've never been happy with my weight. As far back as I can remember. Maybe even back to 7th or 8th grade. I don't think I've ever looked in a mirror and just been thrilled with what I've seen (except for maybe after my 3 week fast...and that's just not right.)

What I see in the mirror is SO different than what is actually truth.

In 2006 I became serious about working out. In college I worked out maybe 1 or 2 times a week- but nothing serious. In 2006 I became a gym rat. Every the evening....ALL THE TIME. 6 days a week.

Yet I never got to a place where I felt I looked good.

Both …

My Pitiful Story

Last week I made plans with a couple of co-workers for them to come over to my apartment for dinner. You people know me...I'm always hosting and cooking. And just because I live in a new state and city doesn't mean I still can't do that here.

(I'm well aware that a few of my coworkers might be reading this blog...and I'm well aware that this is going to make me sound pitiful...But i'm willing to risk that for the sake of my OTHER readers who care to know how i'm doing in Tally)

So last week when I made the plans I was stoked. My place was decorated for Christmas and what good are Christmas trees, beautiful decorations, and Christmas music without people to share it with?!?! I had a spot for 3 people at my table so I invited 3 people. (one is not a coworker- but family of one of the coworkers)

The plan was for them to come over on Thursday night.

Well. Wednesday afternoon/evening I began to feel the effects of food poisoning. I got home from the…

Opening a Conversation

I'd like to open a conversation with you.

I've read 2 articles recently that have got me thinking.

And a blog is one way to open a conversation that invites response, yes?

So here goes.

If you leave a comment- make sure to click the button that says "email follow up responses" so you can stay part of the convo. (I know, blogspot needs to get better about this, but for now- just click the box.)

Here is article number 1:

Here is article number 2:

There is a new show coming up on TLC called something like "The Virgin Diaries" or something. I have to say. I've watched the preview clips and it is mortifying and embarrassing. If I were 15 and watching- I'd say "Find me the closest guy and let's get it on!" in attempts to not let that be my story. They have made the clips downright horrifying.

Yeah, I…