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The one with the woman on the balcony.

My friend Darrah is in town this weekend. She arrived yesterday morning and we've had a fantastic time of catching up, eating, and sight seeing so far. Last night after dinner, we called it a night and headed to bed.

Since Jaryn is out of town, I gave Darrah my room and I took Jaryn's room. (surprise, Jaryn! Hope that's ok!) :) ( In OTHER news- I know Jaryn's totally fine with that. If she wasn't- I'd NEVER announce via my blog that I'm using her room! I'm a good roommate, people!) :)

So. We go to bed and around 2am, I hear a pounding outside my apartment. My neighbor evidently had a visitor. But the visitor didn't get the message that she wasn't home. For about 15 minutes- he pounded on her door. At one point I got up out of bed and looked through the peephole to see some dude standing outside and continuing to pound. I went back to bed and about 3 minutes later, he stopped. I am drifting back to sleep when I hear MORE pounding. Except this tim…

The one with the 'comedy' of errors

I left the office last night a little after 5:30pm. The metro was broken and it took over an hour to get home.
I sat on metro underground for an hour. When I finally arrived at my stop, I walked home, and began to dig for my keys. I realize they are still in the office.
My first thought is to call the apartment office and see if they can let me in with a spare key. The on-call people said they don’t do that and that I need to call a locksmith.
So I just decide to head BACK into the city and go get my keys.
I don’t want to get back on the metro as the blue line was CRAP and broken- so I decide to cab it back to the office.  So I pull out my wallet to get cash and realize….No wallet in purse. (I’m not sure WHAT I was thinking when I left the office earlier.)
So I think- no biggie. I’ll just uber back to the office. (uber is a car service and I have an app which I can pay for the service through my phone. No card/cash required.)
And then I remember I’d just gotten a new debit card and Uber …

The one where I talk about social media

It seems almost a weekly occurrence that someone is in the news for getting fired over a tweet that shouldn't have been sent. As someone who works in social media, people ask me often if it's a fear of mine. Let me be 100% honest.

I fear tweeting from the wrong account, sure.

But I do not fear getting fired over a mistweet.

Why? Because I'm not concerned with representing my organization or my boss. I'm more concerned about representing MYSELF well. I most likely will not tweet a picture of myself or a status update on my own PERSONAL account that wouldn't be safe for all audiences. Even if that audience is the organization I work for or the Chairman of our organization. Would it be silly and embarrassing? Yes. But not inappropriate and worth getting fired over.

I want to just shake shoulders sometimes of people who carelessly tweet or add Facebook updates that are not representing them or their character well.

I had the opportunity to hire someone not too long ago…

The one where I pack 7 pairs of shoes

Next month (November 27th to be exact) will mark one year since the fire.  Crazy, right? 

I was in DC at our 2012 National Summit- first day of the summit- when I got word about the fire. 

Well. Our National Summit is next week. I leave Tuesday morning and will head to Boston. 

Last year, the day before the summit, I tweeted this:

Headed to DC in the morning for #EIA12. Packing warm clothes is stressful. And I might have packed 7 pairs of shoes. Just maybe.
And yes. I had packed 7 pairs of shoes. Upon finding out that my apartment had burned down, I was glad I'd packed those 7 pairs of shoes. #SilverLining.

So tomorrow I will begin packing for Boston. And I'm feeling the need to pack....well, everything. Everything I own. Is that weird?  I honestly want to pack up all my clothes, shoes, and my journals. Aside from furniture, I don't have much more than that- so I can't really lose much else. But I want to pack it all. So. Coworkers. If you see me arrive at the airport with 3…

The one where I celebrate 2 years

Two years ago I started a job that would propel me into places I never dreamed I'd be in. I know I've written a lot about my job, how much I love it, yada yada.
But sitting in my office tonight (after hours), I'm incredibly grateful.
Not once in the last two years have I wished for a different job. Not once have I thought to myself "Why am I working here?" The questions have been more along the lines of "how did I get here?!?!"
I was in New York yesterday for an event and will be in Boston next week for our National Summit. 
If I could have written my own life story, I couldn't have dreamed this up for myself. 
I'm reminded today how small I'd dreamed. 
Grateful that God has bigger plans for me that I could have created for myself. 
Even if they are about 1000 miles from anything I would have seen myself doing. 
Here's to the most exciting two years I've ever known.