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Out of the comfort zone

You know the feeling.

There are things we do that are easy for us. There are things that require no stretching. No challenge. No thought. We are all gifted in different areas. And most often- once we've been operating in our gifting for quite some time- it comes with ease.

And then there are times we are yanked out of our comfort zone.

I love to sing. Most of you know this about me. I've been singing for as long as I can remember- and probably even before that! I've sung in front of hundreds, even tens of thousands, of people before.

Being a part of a worship team at church is something I've done since high school. I love it. When I'm leading a congregation in worship, I am at ease. Not because I can sing well, but because I'm comfortable singing in front of people.

If I were not comfortable, I would have a hard time leading others in worship. It would be too easy for me to be focused on other issues to truly allow myself to enter in to worship.

There are a who…

Food For Thought

I just tweeted the following statement:

"In my opinion, a guy saying on his profile that he wants a skinny girl is the equivalent of a girl saying she wants a guy that makes 6 figures."

This may seem like a male-bashing post...And maybe I'm just in the mood to do just that....or maybe I've just come across a perfect way to express my feelings in regards to the whole subject.

Guys. If you make 40K, 50K, or even 80K- would you prefer that we discount you? Would you prefer that we make the assumption that you are not working hard enough? That you are lazy? That you don't have self-discipline? Would you want us to disregard you and your efforts if you didn't measure up to the 100K salary line?

In the same way, I know plenty of girls (myself included) who work out 4-6 times a week, eat healthy, make conscious efforts to he the healthiest that she can be but might not measure up to the standards the world/media has set. If she doesn't measure up to yo…

Weekend in Tampa/Sarasota

I got away to the beach this past weekend and couldn't have had a more relaxing time.

A beautiful 4 hour drive. Perfect weather. A gorgeous view. Dinner on Saturday with one of the sweetest couples on the face of the planet. A chance to be a 'daughter' for the weekend which was MUCH needed. Sweet breakfast and conversation with Michael and Judy for several hours on Sunday morning. And a nice drive home. Yes, I believe I will make weekend beach visits a regular thing while living here. Not necessarily that far away each time (thank you gas prices for being so outrageous), but lots of beach time is in my future for sure :-)

Meet Maggie!

Remember Maggie?  Well, I got to meet Maggie this weekend :-)  Maggie, her mom, and I went on Saturday morning to the Tallahassee Museum and Natural Habitat.

Maggie was just as delightful as I imagined she would be :-) Her little (almost) 3 year old self couldn't have been any more adorable.

AND. I found out, Maggie and I share a birthday :-)

Cheers, Maggie! I had a blast with you :-)

Dallas Meets Tallahassee

One week ago, Jen and Laura stepped onto Florida soil ready for a fun filled weekend.  We started the weekend off with lunch in Jacksonville overlooking the water on an outdoor patio at the Rivercity Brewing Company. It was a delicious meal of fish tacos, iced tea, and conversation that I've been ACHING to have since leaving Dallas.

After lunch we walked around for just a moment before seeing a NineWest outlet store. Of course we had to peruse the shoes and each ended up walking away with some saucy shoes! :-) FANCY!

Now THAT is how a great girls weekend starts off!
We drove back to Tallahassee and the girls got to see my apartment!! I loved the fact that they now know what my place looks like and when they think of me- they can know exactly my surroundings. :-)
That night we were going to try and arrange to have dinner with some people from my new church- but that didn't end up working out so instead we ate then headed back to the apartment for a night in!
Saturday morning we wok…