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She Is Happy Now

I love my job. I can't express that enough. The first 3 months of being here in Florida I have been working to learn the organization, learn what we do, why we do it, and why it is important.
To this point I've been learning all this information from our own perspective. I've not heard any negative feedback in regards to our work. I've not heard the opposing side.
Until yesterday.

Working in social media my job is to open the conversation with supporters....and others.

Yesterday I was SLAMMED with negative comments online. Most of them were from one person, but still.

The pressure hit me of "whoa. An I ready for this?!" I text my old boss in Dallas and told him that 'to date, this had probably been the toughest day for my work.' In my last job I responded to people about the Bible and Beth Moore teachings. I responded and interacted on a subject I know a lot about. Even if there were weird people, or people who hated Jesus and/or Beth Moore, it was no…

Saturday Morning

I have a play list on my iPod titled "Saturday Morning Cleaning."

When my sisters and I were growing up, Saturday morning was spent cleaning.

No questions asked. Bottom line. Purple suit and all.

Oh wait. You don't know about the purple suit. I'll explain further down.

We'd get to sleep in until mom and dad deemed enough, at which point they would turn on the stereo system and play praise and worship music and come wake us up. Mom or dad would have cooked us a breakfast of either pancakes, eggs, waffles, bacon, or breakfast tacos (a treat, considering M-F was normally cereal, oatmeal, etc) and on the table would be "The List"

Sometimes we'd get "The List" before breakfast and sometimes after. Because, really....who wants to ruin a perfectly good breakfast with "The List."

(I have to interject, even as I'm writing this...I'm just remembering how incredible my childhood was. Seriously. I had the best childhood a kid could…


A couple of years ago several friends of mine in Dallas started talking about ways we could become more intentional about giving money to organizations or people in need. Being a part of a HUGE community- our group of friends was always hanging out with each other. Going for coffee, dinner, drinks, name it. We did it.

Well, the guys started talking and came up with the idea of "INSTEAD."

Instead of going for a movie- how about donating that $9 you'd spend on a movie towards a charity.

Choose the option to rent a movie from redbox for a dollar- and give the remaining $9 to a charity.

Or instead of going out for coffee- how about brewing a pot at home, and donate the $4 you'd have spent on a drink towards the charity of your choice.

When budgeting, it's easy to find ways to budget for one charity- but with so many incredible causes out there- we want to do more. We want to find ways to give to EACH of them. ESPECIALLY when your friends are the one…

Valentine's Day

This is probably a statement you will not hear from many single girls, but Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Maybe it's the red, pink, and white colors all put together. Maybe it's the reminder that love IS out there, or maybe it's just another excuse to get together with some of my favorite girls. But either way- February 14th has been a favorite day of mine the past 4 years. ( I have to admit- this blog post is inspired because Starbucks just put out some of the most ADORABLE Valentine's mugs and tumblers.)

The past 4 years, on Valentine's Day, I've invited several single girls over to my place for dinner. They are given this message: If you can come, I need to know for certain because several things throughout the evening will be personalized to and for you. But. If you commit and then are asked out with a BOY- you have my blessing and my encouragement to GO ON THAT DATE!

I cook a super fancy meal, an extravagant dessert (um, last year inc…

Discipline that feels good! ....yeah, right!

I'm not always the quickest one when it comes to jokes. When I was younger I remember being at a dinner table with family friends and everyone was laughing and joking around the table. This particular evening, dinner had been cleaned up and the parents were drinking coffee. I was sitting at the table eating dessert while mom and her friend were deep in discussion. As I put down my fork I began to laugh out loud. And for those that know me- I'm sure it was the "BAH!" laugh that is very much "Minda."

My mom looked at me and said "What's so funny?!"

I responded with "I GET IT!!!"

Mom: What do you get?
Minda: The joke! I get it!
Mom: What joke?
Minda: The one dad told earlier at dinner

Yeah. I'm not always the quickest.

I had one of those moments yesterday while reading. And sad to say- this one took about 27 years to get. Ok, maybe not REALLY 27 years since I've not been reading the bible for all 27 years that I've been al…

The update that no one wants to read

Seriously. I know that blog title just makes you RACE to read this post (much sarcasm), but it's true.

It's the blog post I don't want to write. It's the blog post you don't want to read.

I have a rule for myself regarding social media posts. Twitter, Facebook, my blog, etc. It is as follows:

If every thing you type out is negative or is attention seeking- NO ONE wants to read it. You will most likely be unfollowed, unfriended, or your blog will never be read again. No matter what- do NOT be that person.

With that said- I need to clarify. This is no way means that you should be fake, but it does mean you need to evaluate your content and figure out for yourself why every thing you post is debbie downer. That is just the healthy thing to do. But there are times in which being real, honest, vulnerable, and raw are necessary.

Hence, "The update that no one wants to read."

Now, if I felt the need to preface this post with THAT much, please understand that …

Not much of an update, but an update nonetheless.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the other greetings that I've failed to give you here on the blog. I've had 4 people mention in the last week that I've not updated my blog in a while, so here is the update.

My lack updating has not been because I've not had time (I've had PLENTY), it's not because I've not wanted to.

I just haven't had anything to write about.

Even in my own personal journal- the pages have been left empty.

Coming off a season in which SOOOOOOOO much was happening in my life- to THIS season- I feel like nothing is really wroth blogging about.

My life is quiet these days. I go to work. I go to the gym. I go home. I read. I sleep. I clean.

There were actually a couple days this past weekend that I didn't even utter a SINGLE word all day long!

Crazy, right?

I'm enjoying this season of 'quiet' for now.