Friday, November 27, 2015

The one where three years have passed

I don't think it's possible for me to ever forget this day.

I can't imagine ever forgetting that 5am phone call.

I can't imagine ever forgetting the feeling of seeing the images for the first time.

The one year anniversary of the fire was a hard one. I was in a rough place.

The two year anniversary of the fire was sweeter. I'd come farther, I'd begun healing.

On this three year anniversary of the fire, it is well with my soul. 

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The one where the escalator wins

The city is out to get me.

Last week, I began my Monday morning commute by walking to the metro. As I normally do.

I stepped on the escalator to go down to the platform, and within 2 seconds, I realized that was a horrible decision.

The platform was PACKED full of people. So full- that the people exiting the escalator had no where to go. They started to pile up on each other. I heard them yelling and decided my only option to delay my impending doom was to start running UP the escalator that was sending me down.

I knew I had to be faster than the escalator so I was going as fast as I could; all the while, telling people at the top NOT to get on the escalator. Someone finally came to their senses and hit the emergency stop button.....but without warning. So my body- which was being projected upward fast- was projected down. I slammed into the escalator stairs. Someone helped me up, I walked over to a corner, and assessed the damage. There were tears. There was blood. But I pulled myself together and made it to work.


On Saturday. I'd finished running with my #OwnPaceSamePlace group, we enjoyed a cup of coffee, and all headed to our respective homes. It was a particularly windy and cold morning in DC. So instead of walking home as intended, I decided I could run.

While running down Louisiana Avenue, a huge gust of wind knocked a large branch out of a tree and it just so happened to land on me. The branch was probably 5 feet long. I tripped, staggered, and then stopped to look around. Did that REALLY just happen? Yes. Yes it did.

While I may have bruises, pulled muscles, and a nervous twitch, I'm alive and well.

That's all.

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