Saturday, January 26, 2013

The one where she catches up

Last I wrote on this blog, I was in Phoenix.

Well, I'm not in Phoenix anymore, toto!

Not even in Dallas (which is where I spent Christmas)

Or in Tallahassee- where I was living.

I'm in Arlington, Virginia. And working in Washington, DC.

The move has happened, the first 2 weeks have come and gone, and here I am. Finally coming around to the blog to post about it.

I left Tallahassee on January 11th when I drove to South Carolina for the halfway spot. I was able to celebrate my grandpa's 86th birthday with him (complete with  his favorites: pizza, butterfingers, and pepsi) then headed up the next day with my aunt to Arlington, VA. After the fire my aunt had driven down to Tally to help me go through my stuff that had been pulled out of the ashes. When she left, we had loaded up a few bins in her car to store for me until the move.

We both drove up separately and about 10 minutes away from the apartment, I began cheering in my car. Not because I was close, but because I saw not one, not two, but THREE cars with Dallas Cowboys stickers on the back of their cars. :-) Redskin territory my rear.

I went to the leasing office to get keys and get my first tour of the place. Did I mention I signed a lease site unseen? I did. This was my first time to see the apartment and I must say....probably one of the best decisions I've made. :-) I LOVE the place. Love it. Love it. Love it.

We unloaded our cars then headed for dinner and then to the hotel where we'd stay the first couple of nights, seeing that I had no furniture to sleep or sit on.

The next day my mom arrived at DCA airport to join me for the week. The next 2 days were a whirlwind of shopping and spending money. Basically. We made the trek to Costco and Target to get basics. Then headed out to a place called Belfort Furniture where I made one salesman's day. Seriously.

I was hoping to find a piece of furniture or two at this store, but instead walked out with a complete bedroom set and a complete living room set.

My aunt left two days later after needing to get back to South Carolina a litter sooner than we'd hoped, but I am SO glad she was able to be here with me for the first several days. Aunt Mary- LOVE YOU!!!! Thanks so much for the time you gave up to be with me!

The furniture was delivered 2 days later and finally life was beginning to take shape. While I had to go in to work the rest of the week, my mom and I were able to get a couple other shopping trips taken care of and gathered a few things here and there. I know she was hoping to get a LOT more done, but I needed a break. I'd just spent more money in 3 days than I'd ever spent in 10 years, it feels like.

Mom, while I may have been moody and just downright no fun, I AM reallllly glad you were here for the first week. :-) Thanks for making the time to take off work to be here with me for the first week! Sacrificing for your family is what you've always done- and last week was no different. Love you.

I leave on Monday for Arkansas for a work trip- then will be back in DC. Hopefully I can start doing some site seeing for myself. Because of the weather, I've been content to stay inside. :-) The temps have been well below freezing pretty much the entire last week and I LOVE it.

I am signed up to run a half marathon in March with my friends Jaclyn and Leticia which means I will be training in COMPLETELY different weather than I did while in Tallahassee. In Tally I would have to get up at 5am to beat the heat. Here? I need to stay in bed til 10 to let it warm up just a LITTLE. :-)  My weekends will most likely be filled with long runs for the next couple of months, but I am SO looking forward to exploring my new city.

**and on a side note: my DC office is fantastic. I love taking the metro to work and home. I love working with our DC people, and REALLLY grateful to John B who gave me a ride to work my first day in the office when it was raining. I work with good people, y'all. In Tallahassee AND in DC.**

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