Friday, March 30, 2012

Twas the night before....

I'm running a 5K tomorrow. That shouldn't be a big deal. I've been running much more than a mere 3 miles the past several weeks. But the fact that it's a race. With other people running with me....Other people watching.

It just brings back a memory. One that I find quite funny now....

I played sports in high school. I played volleyball and softball. My senior year, I needed a spring sport since I'd stopped playing softball and had been talked into cross country. Yes, talked into it. Our 'neighbor' and friend, Coach Cole had talked me into it. She assured me I didn't have to be fast....just steady.

And if I'm anything, I'm steady.

Well. Practice with Coach Cole consisted of her driving us in a school van 9 miles away from the school, dropping us off, and saying "See ya back on campus!"

9 miles? Eh, I really don't even know if that's accurate. What I wanted to write was 23 miles, but knew that was an exaggeration. 9 might be as well. But either way- it was a long distance.

At every practice, I was the last one to finish. I didn't really care. I knew I'd been talked into running with the team and knew there was no pressure to be awesome.

The day of my first race came and I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I had on a crappy team outfit with unbearably short shorts and orange and blue running shoes.

We loaded up on the bus, drove to the event, and lined up. The gun went off and we were on our way.

About .3 miles in I realized I needed to pee. I also realized I had quite a ways to go before I'd be finished running. I just decided to focus on something else and do my best.

I ran at my awful slow pace and quickly realized that it's alot different to come in last when you are running with your team. But when other people are involved? Ugh.

The entire race I kept asking myself "How did I get talked into this?!?!"

Well, 3 miles later, I'm approaching the final stretch and to my surprise, everyone was cheering for me and clapping. I'm sure they were just clapping because they were thinking "FINALLY!!! We can go home now!"

I decided I liked having everyone clapping for me so I finished the run with the biggest grin on my face and doing my best "Miss America" wave to everyone. (Have we discussed that I may or may not like being the center of attention?)

Yes, you read that right. I did. I grinned and waved back to everyone.

I'll have you know, thanks to the girl who sprained her ankle, I didn't finish last. ;-)

As I crossed the finish line, I can remember Coach Cole's face with a smirk on it. It wasn't the "oooh silly girl" smirk....It was the "Do you realize you just finished the race with probably the slowest time anyone has ever finished with...and yet you're grinning and waving" smirk.

Well. As I finished, I informed coach that whatever happened next, I HAD to find a bathroom .

She directed me to the bathrooms and as my luck would have it, they were about 2 football fields away, up a hill, and from where I was standing I could see the line OUT THE DOOR for the girls restroom.

People, I had to GO!

I started the "i gotta pee" walk up the hill. You know it. Trying to walk with your legs pressed as tightly together as you can get them in hopes that it will prevent your bladder from exploding. This particular walk creates a sort of 'limp'...All the while, praying I would make it to the bathroom....yet all the while, knowing with every step I took, there was no way I would make it...making the limp even more dramatic.

I got up to the building with the bathrooms and I knew I had no more fight left in me. Yup. Not only am I writing on my very public blog for all to see about how horrifically slow I am at running, but I'm telling you that I wet my pants as a senior in high school.

At this point I started laughing. Because what else is a girl supposed to do? Imagine this...a girl walks up doing the 'i gotta pee' walk, laughing so hard tears start to fall, and yelling at everyone, "PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME GO BEFORE YOU."

Thankfully the girls let me cut in line and I was able to go.

After I cleaned myself up I joined the rest of my team and we headed back home.

At each race the entire season, I never came in last.  Maybe always 2nd to last, but never last :-)

So as I run tomorrow, I have 2 prayers.

1.) That I don't come in last. 2nd to last? Eh, I'm ok with that.


2.) That I don't wet my pants.

It's 9:30pm, and I know I need to sleep- but this particular memory is all I can think about tonight.

If you're awake tomorrow at 8am eastern time, think about me and send a few prayers my way.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I agree. 2.5 weeks is entirely too long to let this blog sit idle.

But if you're curious, my journal has been left idle as well. It's not like all kinds of stuff is happening and I'm just forgetting to tell you.

But a few things that ARE happening.

April 19th I'm traveling to SC to sing at my friend's wedding. So excited for Katie! And excited that living in Florida has allowed me an easier opportunity to not only attend, but BE in her wedding. :-)

And June. Oooooh June. I'll be running my first 1/2 marathon. In San Diego.

Yup. I registered. I bought new shoes. I've been training. And I'm loving it! (MINUS the guy who said with a disbelieving expression on his face "Are you in SHAPE for that?!" Grrrr.) There's a REASON I'm TRAINING.  Anywho. Putting the soapbox away.

I had a birthday. And it was a sweet day.

I went to Tampa and had a glorious visit with my friend Helen.

And the past 5 days, I've been immensely homesick. (Please do not allow this comment to cause alarm or a need to worry.....It's just a fact. I'm homesick.) I want to see my friends in Dallas. I want to go to my church....I miss walking into that building and feeling at home. I need a hug from my mom and dad.

I'm approaching my 6 month mark of being in Tallahassee. Still LOVEEEE my job. Actually, I think I love it more now than I did in the beginning. I'm feeling as though I'm finally learning to speak the same language as those here in the office. I'm getting it. It feels much more comfortable. My coworkers are beyond amazing. (And I'm not just saying that because there is a small chance they might read this.) I truly do feel that way :-)

So there is the update.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

all in one year.

As a 27 year old, I did the following:
-wrapped up a season of 60 weddings within a year and a half.
-Married off 2 roommates
-Traveled to California for my first time ever
-Watched as my sister was THE most beautiful bride there has ever been
-Gained a Brother-In-Law!
-Headed to Seattle to see the first of my cousins get married!
-Learned one of the most valuable lessons thus far in my life
-That valuable lesson was followed up with THIS post
-Traveled to South Carolina for VACATION with family!
-Went on my first 'girls vacation' BACK to South Carolina with some incredible girls! (I've done road trips, etc- with friends- but this was my first airplane vacation with friends!)
-Started writing not one, but 2 books. Yes. 2 books.
-Oh yeah, moved to Florida. :-)
-Started new incredible job
-Enjoyed my first WEEK of that new job in San Francisco!
-Packed up and drove to Florida with Helen
-Enjoyed Thanksgiving day with my dad at Cowboy Stadium!
-Watched my baby sister graduate from nursing school!
-Spent my very first Christmas away from mom/dad/lisa/caralyn
-Lay (layed, laid?)  on a beach (yes, IN MY SWIMSUIT) for the very first time in February.
-Played piano and sang in front of people at church for the very first time.

Welp. 27, you were a good year.

Monday, March 5, 2012

One Week Left

I turn 28 in one week.

I'd ask for suggestions as to what to do this last week as a 27-year-old to make it a 'stand out' year- but I'd say packing up my life, moving across the country, starting a new job, helping plant a church, and beginning the process of writing not one- but two books is quite enough for this past year.

I have to admit- my actual birthday last year was one of my least favorite. The day couldn't have started off worse, and it ended at church with me bawling my eyes out. Not just a 'few tears' kind of cry- but a ridiculous amount of crying. I'd asked God for some pretty big things specifically for the year 26. With the arrival of March 12 meant that those things I'd prayed for had not come to pass. Last year on my birthday- it felt as though the entire day was a reminder that my prayers had not been answered. That's not a way to celebrate.

Looking back, today, I'm grateful He didn't answer those prayers. If he had, I would not be where I am today. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt like heck, but I am grateful.

So, instead of crying this year on my birthday, I'm going to reverse those tears and celebrate the fact He didn't answer my prayers the way I wanted Him to. :-) Not quite sure what that 'celebration' will look like, but I'm guessing it will involve something staying inside all day considering my allergies in Tallahassee are CUH-RAZY right now.

With that said, I'm wondering what year 28 will bring.

For those of you who are 28 or older (and for those that can remember) can any of you tell me what you remember most about year 28? Was it a good year for you? A tough year? What happened in year 28 for you that made it a stand-out year?

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