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Fear Factor

Give me a microphone and I will stand in front of a large crowd of people and belt out a song.

Give me a microphone and tell me to SPEAK to a large crowd...? That is "Fear Factor" level for me. I've always known this.

Today I experienced a new fear that took me by surprise.

For work I was assigned to write an article for a publication. It's been looming over me for 2 weeks now. It HAS to be finished by Wednesday. No if-ands-or-buts about it.

Some of you may laugh at this next statement, but writing is not something I have ever enjoyed doing. I write in my journal, and I write on this blog....But for any topics other than that.....I'm pretty much less than adequate.

I don't consider myself to be a good writer. I know I probably write, even on this blog, in such a way that drives people crazy.....Especially with all my "..." and such.

So today as I turned in my 1st (VERY ROUGH) draft to another coworker to get some help/insight/rescuing, my eyes welle…

Spin the wheel

Upon moving to Florida, I somehow had a new fear instilled in me.  A fear of alligators.

I've never seen one while living here. And I hope to never see one.

But still, I am VERY afraid of them now.

So much so, that every time I see a busted tire on the side of the road? My first thought: It's an Alligator.

A big stick? An alligator.

Trash on the side of the road? An alligator.

And this morning, the best one yet.

A mutilated pine cone on the ground: Must be a baby alligator.

Aside for THAT craziness, this morning on Kidd Kraddick I heard a random phrase that sent my mind spinning. The only phrase I heard was this:

"A wheel of body parts. Spin the wheel to see what you get."

I turned off the radio, but the thoughts that followed were this:

Hm. Can you imagine when God created us if He thought "I'll give every person ONE body part that is absolutely perfect. And in order to choose which part, I'll spin a wheel."

Obviously, when He created Carrie Underw…

Ten. Years.

Grew up in a small town - And when the rain would fall down - I'd just stare out my window - Dreaming of what could be - And if I'd end up happy - I would pray

Trying hard to reach out - But when I tried to speak out - Felt like no one could hear me - Wanted to belong here - But something felt so wrong here - So I prayed I could break away

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly - I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky - I'll make a wish - Take a chance - Make a change - And breakaway - Out of the darkness and into the sun - But I won't forget all the ones that I love - I'll take a risk - Take a chance - Make a change - And breakaway
(Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway) 10 years ago, this month, I graduated from Prairiland High School. (And yes, I spelled that right- according to our school, anyways.) At times I can't really wrap my mind around that particular thought...Then at other times, it feels as though it could have been 20 years ago. 

A Psalmist, Dave Bell.

Received shocking news today of an old family friend who passed away from a heart attack.

He was close to 55 years old.

Dave Bell was the worship pastor at my original home church in San Antonio. My family moved to East Texas when I was 5 so I can't really say I knew Dave....Ok, not at all but my parents did. We moved to East Texas to be the pastors of a small church in East Texas where Dave's father and grandfather had grown up. That's some back history, but whatever.

Dave Bell's music is the first worship 'tape' I remember having. I know every song on that album inside and out. I know them on the piano, I know them in my sleep. We listened to his tape/CD "The Lion of Judah" like nobody's business. Remember this post where I shared about Saturday morning cleaning? This CD was always the music we'd listen to.

This morning, before I'd heard the news, I was getting ready for church and thinking about how short our lives are. Really. We'v…

It was a fake.

Every morning when walking to my car at my apartment complex, I pass by an apartment that makes me smile every time.
This particular unit has an outdoor patio with quaint, white chairs and table. The table holds a vase with yellow flowers on it. The blinds are open, the apartment seems cheery. The curtains are pulled back and each morning, usually before the sun is up, I try to peer in and get a glimpse of the sweet couple I’ve imagined living there. I picture them inside drinking coffee while enjoying the cool breeze of the morning.
I’ve lived in this apartment complex for 6 months and have yet to see the ‘couple’ I’ve dreamed up, but I just knew they were there drinking coffee in the mornings sharing sweet stories with each other.
Yesterday I found out the apartment is the ‘model’ home they show to people who are considering moving into the apartment complex.
My heart fell.
Now, while I don’t blame the devil for making that apartment home look so inviting, isn’t it just like hi…