Saturday, June 29, 2013

The one with the cookbook

While working yesterday, the mailman came. 

Yup. That's the sentence I decided to start this post off with. Exciting, right?  

Well, what's even more exciting is that he had a package for me. 

I opened the package and I immediately became choked up. In my little cubicle, while trying to get a press release out, I just sat at my desk and could barely move. 

Inside was a custom made cookbook that contained recipes not only from one person, but many. 

Recipes from my grandmothers, my aunts, my dear friends....

Recipes from people who have never met each other- but they all know me. 

Recipes from my grandmothers that are family favorites. The ones we have when all our family is together. Seeing my grandmothers handwriting on those recipe cards.  Knowing how difficult it was for my grandma Scheatzle to write those out as she has MS. But seeing the handwriting I know and love. 

Recipes from friends whose kitchens I've been in and had great meals with. And along with a great meal comes great conversation. At least at my table it does!

Recipes from the great Chef LeAnn!

Recipes from a former coworker turned dearest friend. Whose kitchen I've visited on numerous occasions while being with her and her 3 babies. And not only her- but her mom too!

So after the fire, I had several people asking "What do you need? How can we help?" 

And honestly, I didn't know. I didn't know what I needed or how people could help.

And I wouldn't have asked for anything. But while talking to my friend Laura, I did come up with something. I KNEW I could ask for this and not feel bad about asking.  I asked for help rebuilding my recipe collection. 

To think about the cabinet that held my cookbooks and recipes....well. That's just one thing I can't think about. I can't allow myself to think about. So many handwritten recipes I'd kept and stowed away. Some of them so dirty because I've used them so many times that ingredients just happened to be spilled or splashed on them. Yeah. So when people ask me today how I'm doing since the fire, I really am doing fine. I'm good. I really am. But there are still some things I remember I lost and I just have to move on and stop thinking about it. It hurts too much. 

So I asked Laura to help gather recipes for me. 

And help, she did. 

Wayyyyyy beyond what I could have asked for or imagined. 

And it came in the mail yesterday. 

Here are a few pics of the amazing gift:

So I will end this post as Laura ended her letter to my friends when asking for recipes:

Thank you for extending your heart, your hand, and your kitchen. I am so grateful. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The one where it all picked up

I took this photo a year ago.  Even looking at it now, I still can't believe I was able to be in a room where taking such a picture would even be possible. And to think that life would even get more exciting from here. It's crazy.

My first 6 months in Tallahassee at the new job- I wouldn't have called them boring- AT ALL- but it was definitely the learning phase. Learning the Foundation. Learning our mission. Learning how to be their voice on social media.

Then June came along. And life became FUN. Lots of fun. Life picked up. I went from sitting in my little office communicating with people via Twitter to sitting in a room with a presidential candidate, to Disney World, to the RNC (OMG), to DC, back to DC again, apartments burning down, moving to DC, traveling to Arkansas, attending conferences.... I mean really. Life picked up. 20 months in to my job with the Foundation and I wouldn't trade it for anything. And I mean that.

In other news, not much to update as of late. Enjoyed a week of working while at the lake in South Carolina. Was nice to have a change of scenery (aka- my favorite view). But all in all? Still loving DC. It's good. Although I had quite a rough morning today. Not gonna lie. From the time I woke up, things had just not been working out as I would have preferred. I was getting off the metro and finding myself muttering and complaining when I walked passed a man who was digging in the trash. I saw him pull out a container, open it, and take a bite of whatever food was there. He threw it back in and went for another brown bag to see if there were any leftovers in it.

Let's just say my muttering and complaining stopped really quickly. Grateful I was able to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee this morning with my fresh breakfast. In an apartment that had a/c. After having woken up from a restful night of sleep in my amazing bed.

Get the picture? Yeah. I'm grateful.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The one with the cute knees

We have a home video of my older sister and I modeling our new Christmas clothes. From 1987.

I was three years old. Almost four.

I was kinda cute, I must admit.

We each had a handful of dresses and Dad had received a new video camera equaling the perfect combo for a modeling show. He put on some sweet tunes and was more than happy to narrate as though he were a beauty pageant host.

We came out from our room, bashful at first, not sure what we were supposed to do. Dad had to do some encouraging along the way....asking us to twirl, curtsy or asking question like "who gave the dress to you?" Of course, as the modeling progressed, we became more and more comfortable in front of the camera. So much so, we'd hear in the background "Minda, put your dress down!" after I'd get so excited and my twirling would become a bit aggressive.

Also, teaching a three year old to curtsy is quite comical. Each time the curtsy looked different, but most of the time it just involved some sort of bending of my knees.

In this particular video, at one point, dad has zoomed in on the new shoes and socks I'd received and did his bit sounding something like (said in most announcer-ish voice) "And next we have Minda's new black shiny shoes! And LOOK AT THOSE SOCKS, people! What a nice lace ruffle to top the socks off."  (He's very animated, even today) :-)

On that particular commentary segment, he also added "and look at those knees. What cute knees you have, Minda."

Growing up, we really liked watching the home videos. It's fun to see yourself at a younger age. It's fun to have memories- not because you remember them, but because you've been able to experience them again and again via video.

Can I completely honest with you? It wasn't until two years ago that I realized my knees were, in fact, NOT cute. Seriously. I was shocked. One day I was wearing a skirt and thought to myself, knees in general are really unattractive. Why have I always assumed my knees were cute? And I immediately knew the answer to that question. I have cute said so.

So here's to you, dad. Thank you for telling a 3 year old girl she had cute knees. It may have seemed silly to you and just something to fill the space of that modeling video. It may have just been one of those things where you were finding things to talk about so you could hear your cool announcer voice. (and yes, your announcer voice is cool.) But thank you. That has always been one body issue I never struggled with :-) There were plenty others, but my knees? Nah, I had cute ones. Dad says so!

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