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Profile pic tips

Tips for guys who have a profile on an online dating website (in regards to the pictures you choose) 1.) A picture of JUST your truck? Remember you are trying to impress a woman. Not another man. 2.) pictures of you with 4 scantily clad women draped all over you are not ideal. (again, might impress another dude but not a girl you're looking to date) 3.) A picture of you looking stoned? Probably not. 4.) 4 pictures posted and 3 of them are pictures of your dog? Not looking good. 5.) if your profile states that you don't ever smoke, probably should omit the pics with you and the pack of cigarettes, one of which is in your mouth. the end.

The one with the Half Marathon

You knew it was coming. The POST Half Marathon Post.

I admit. If I were you, I'd be thinking right about now "ENOUGH WITH ALL THE HALF MARATHON TWEETS/FACEBOOK POSTS/ETC."

And part of me apologizes. The other part of me wants to blog about it.

So I'll meet you half way. I'll apologize, and then I'll blog about the Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon.  And then that will be it. :-)

After landing in San Diego, I was greeted by 68 degree weather, gorgeous views, and FAMILY!!!!  My aunt/uncle/cousin/sister picked me up from the airport and of course, Caralyn and I immediately began taking pictures. :-)

We walked around Little Italy for just a bit before making it to our reservations at an incredible place called Indigo Grill. It was unbelievably awesome. We started the night off with a bottle of Rock and Roll wine, pecan crusted Brie cheese, and great conversation.

We had all agreed we wanted to try to stay on East coast time as much as possible so that the mor…

California and first 'Half Mary"

I'm on a plane headed to San Diego and I have wireless Internet access. Of COURSE I'm going to blog.
12 weeks ago I signed up to run a half marathon and the day has come!
The first time I came to California was for my sisters wedding.
The first Corso grandchild wedding.
The 2nd time I came to California was when I started a new job and my first day was in San Fran.
This will be my third visit and will be for my first half marathon.
California is shaping up to be the location of "firsts" for me.

This time last year I'd decided I would sign up for a half marathon to take place in October 2011- but seeing as I was going to be losing a roommate to her new marriage, having to find a new place to move, and really just unsure of what life was going to look like. Little did I know, come October I'd be moving to Florida, so I wasn't able to run. (maybe...just maybe I was a bit relieved.)

Then at Christmas time this year, my uncle said he would be running the full …