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My church, National Community, has a very unique opportunity to return to the Greek/Macedonian border (Idomeni) to serve alongside the A21 Campaign.
Since last year, almost 1 million refugees have passed through this particular border crossing. While they are waiting to cross, there is no food/water available. Many of them stand in line for days with nothing but what they have on their being. The line of people stretches farther than our eyes can see. Right now, over 14,000 people are stuck at this particular border.  
I've been given the opportunity to join a team of 10 people to help pass out supplies and meet the physical needs of those who are waiting to cross. 
We will leave Wednesday April 6th and return Thursday April 14th.
This seemed like an opportunity I couldn't pass on. I normally wouldn't make such a big decision so quickly but my work has graciously allowed me the time off on such short notice. This isn't one of those trips that we say "oh, I can go ano…

The one with the house that didn't exist

In December, my roommate of three years and I knew it was time to move out of our apartment. Rent kept going up and it didn't seem the best option to continue living there anymore.

We began the search and made plans to look for one and two bedroom places, knowing our time as roommates could be coming to a close as well.

We turned in our paperwork at the leasing office and had an official "you gotta be out" day on March 4th. Two months. That didn't seem like much time to find something.

I knew what kind of place I wanted. I also knew that sort of place didn't exist in DC, for the price I needed it to be.

We looked at several two bedroom places with significantly less space than our apartment currently had. One of them was so much of a hole, none of the closets had rods in them to hang clothes on....because they were so narrow a hanger wouldn't even FIT in it. Yeah. We found some holes.

I looked at several one bedrooms. One in particular was on the high end of …