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The one with a table. Finally.

A few pics of the apartment for you blog readers. I finally purchased a dining room table (my last furniture piece to buy!) and it will be delivered on Wednesday. So excited for it to get here. Once I do this, I'll invite the coworkers over for dinner. Couldn't do it previously, as I had no where for anyone to sit!

Also, you'll see in this picture, I need curtains!!! Really bad. Trying to figure out the best design/color for the room. I love how light and airy it feels- so I don't want to get something dark and heavy- but at the same time- I need to get something up quick.

A picture I have NOT posted is of my kitchen. But I would officially call it complete. The walls are decorated, the appliances are in, and I'm back in business! There are a few things I still need to replace (waffle maker, food processor) - but for the most part- it's a complete working kitchen! It feels good to say that.

On a more personal front, life in DC has been good. I still have hard …

The one where she's one month in

One month ago, exactly, I drove into Arlington, Virginia and was handed a set of keys to my new apartment. Happy one month in DC to me!

78 days ago, my other apartment in Tallahassee burned down.

78 days in and it's finally becoming a reality.

I've not talked much about how I felt this last week out of fear that I would sound ungrateful for the amount of support I was given in the weeks after the fire. Seriously.
You people are freaking amazing. I still can't get over it.

But I'd not talked much about how I felt. Until last night. When I posted on Facebook.

**Side note: My mom calls me a 'life caster.' I broadcast my life via social media. She says she doesn't mean it as a bad thing- but there are times in which I know it's not good.**

Last night was tough. And I probably shouldn't have posted. But I did. And here's what I wrote:

Buying fresh flowers from street vendor in attempts to make this day better. The only music/docs I had after fire wer…

The one where I have a roommate...then I don't....Then I do again!

When I moved to Tallahassee in the Fall of 2011, one of the biggest adjustments I faced was living alone. For all but one year of my then 27 years of life, I'd lived with people; My family for the first 18 years, in the dorms for the next 2 years, and with an assortment of roommates the next 7 years. In the 4 years prior to the move, I'd lived with 6 people. All 6 of those girls are now married (the reason I had to keep finding new roommates) and moving to Tallahassee alone would prove to be a bigger challenge than I'd expected.

I'd like to think growing up as the middle of three girls helped me be a better roommate, but let's be honest. I wasn't the greatest roommate to my sisters. #Whoops. (yes, I just inserted twitter-speak into a blog post.)

Either way, I know a LOT of people who prefer living alone.

And while I DID adjust to living alone in Tallahassee, it wasn't my preferred choice.

So moving to DC with a new roommate whose plan is to be in DC two wee…
Things I'm missing tonight:

My nail polish collection...and

The notebook that sat on my piano stand containing songs I'd written and been in the process of writing.

Two wildly different things. Obviously we know which one hurts worse.

But either way, my nails look like crap, hence missing my Essie colors in addition.


The one where she just might bust out

A common occurrence on my morning commute is hearing a homeless man standing at the top of my metro stop singing loudly while hoping for people to leave money. 

One morning I turned to Jaryn (my roommate) and said "How embarrassed would you be if I stopped and joined in with him?" 
She laughed and responded "I'd keep walking and act like I don't know you." :) I would expect nothing less!
But while driving in my car this weekend (yes, I only get in my car once a week) I had music blaring and was singing at the top of my lungs and realized how much I missed doing that. 
Most mornings of my life as a professional, on my commute to and from work, I would sing in my car. It's just where I can bust a tune. But being I don't do that anymore- I have no place to burst into song!!! (And if you know me- that's kind of a big deal). AND I'm not as comfortable yet in my new office to do so (like I was often found doing in the Tallahassee office). 
So who…