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The one about Lisa

30 years ago, Tony and Kathy Corso became 'mom and dad' for the first time. The firstborn had arrived.

Not only was she the firstborn, but she was the first grandchild....on BOTH sides of the family. That's a big role to fill.

There is no person better suited to fit this role than Lisa.

She walks with grace, she acts and speaks with integrity, she is brilliant.

She carries the responsibility of a firstborn with much purpose.

Happy Birthday to the best older sister a girl could ask for. Thanks for being an example, for leading the way. I hope that you feel celebrated today...That you feel honored. I'm rooting for you, Lisa.

Love you so much.

The one with the countdown

2 more weeks til THIS:  and this:
and this:
and this: 

The one with the pool party

My apartment complex has a really nice pool. Let me back up. My apartment complex is really nice. It's quiet. It's quaint. It's cute. I like it. The pool is pretty. The pool is CLEAN. And the pool is empty most days.
Today I went out and noticed there was a mom with 2 small kids out at the pool. The mom was sitting in the shade and her 2 kids were playing in the water. As I put my stuff down and got ready to lay back, I heard one of the kids singing "Here's where she meets Prince Charming....but she won't discover that it's him til Chapter Threeeeee" in THE sweetest kid voice, ever. 
I looked up, saw that it was the little boy. I said "Do you like Beauty and the Beast?! That's one of my favorite movies!" His older sister said "I love that movie!" while the little brother responded "No! No beauty and the beast. I just like the song."
I lay down and after 20 minutes, I needed to get in the water. It's seriously that…

The one where she referenced Friends

It's true. I reference Friends ALL the time. It's a shame.

I need to start working on NOT making this a common conversation starter: "Ooooh so this episode when Chandler..." Or "Ooooh reminds me of when Phoebe..."


But once I started thinking about it, I realize why I do that.

If I say to people in Tallahassee "Ohhh so my friend Helen was teaching a yoga class when..." they will have NO idea. They don't know Helen. They won't be able to enjoy the story.

Or if I were to say "So this one time my friend Micah had the great idea to have a fruit derby"....or "That one time my friend Hailey got a bag of pinto beans rather than a CAN of pinto beans..."

But there's a greater chance that the people in Tally MIGHT know what I'm talking about if I mention an episode of Friends.

But I'm calling it right now. It's gotten out of hand. I'm going to work on that! Promise :-)

But if I were in Dallas, here a…

The one where Minda went to Texas.

So this is probably a very NON-original idea, but I may start titling my blog posts like Friends titles their episodes.

For instance:

The one where Phoebe hates PBS
The one with the baby on the bus
The one with Ross's tan
The one with Phoebe's cookies
The one with the nap partners

You get the point. And if you like Friends (ok, if you're obsessed) then you read those titles and know exactly which episodes they are.

(side note: I actually started another blog with this exact beginning, was told it was too vulnerable for a blog, so I reverted it to a draft. So if in the 12 hours or so that it was made public and  you saw this opening, I still wanted people to know my blogs would be posted this way from here on out. So you had to read it twice. Sorry.)

But yes. I went to Texas.

After having moved 8 months ago, I visited home.

The visit home was exactly how I hoped it would be. Time well spent. Lots of hugs. And a chance to be at my home church.

Coming back to Tallahassee on …