Sunday, March 22, 2015


Running with friends can be intimidating. You want to run together but you have different paces, or maybe you need to stop and take a breather, but don't want to slow the other person down.

Maybe you can only run 2 miles while your friend wants to run 10.

Finding a good running friend isn't easy.

I've been really fortunate to have found one in Tallahassee (Alexis!) and here in DC. (Jess!)

Last weekend I was talking with some friends (Jason and Dan!) about running and needing that accountability especially when there are no races in the near future that you should be training for.

Insert lightbulb idea.

How about picking a place on the weekend. Setting a time. And saying "Run to this location. Be there at 11am! Then we can all enjoy a cup of coffee together."

This enables everyone to leave their place at their own time. Run their own pace. Run their own preferred mileage.  And still get to show up and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends after your run!

If you want to run 10 miles, you just need to start your run earlier and map out a course to get you to the set location on time. If you want to run 2 miles, same goes for you. If you can only run a half a mile and need an hour to do it- no judgement! No one needs to know what time you left your place or how far you ran. All we need to know is that you ran to the set location. Running half a mile still makes you a runner. If you want to run 2 miles but need to walk half of that- no judgement. You can still get to the set location.

And so begins #OwnPaceSamePlace running group.

Only one rule: You have to actually run to the set location.

But a couple added stipulations: You are not allowed to judge anyone on smell or appearance, and no judgement for those who uber home. (Seriously. You do you.)

I picked a Starbucks location in the District that seemed pretty central for most people.  Set the time at 11am- and we all arrived within 5 minutes of each other but had all started at different times this morning.

Today was the inaugural run. And it was FANTASTIC.  We had six friends show up, enjoyed a cup of coffee outside then all made our way home.

If you're interested in joining next week, let me know and I'll send you the next time/location. :)


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